Quando Dolly ha accetto di fare da assistente a Vryer, non sapeva che avrebbe dovuto dare molto di se stessa…a pezzi più o meno grandi in base al tipo di esperimenti del suo padrone. Per fortuna (o no), Vryer è sempre pronto a sostituire i pezzi mancanti con parti recuperate altrove.
  • Uscito il venerdì 08/05/09
  • Illustratore: phalloide
  • Disponibile nel Negozio
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
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Potere di Dolly Cr:

Veleno 2, Min 1

Se Dolly Cr vince il round, alla fine di ogni round successivo, il tuo avversario perderà 2 punti Vita, minimo 1.



Stop Potere Avv.

Il Potere del personaggio avversario, se ne ha uno, è annullato.

Prima evoluzione sulle 3 evoluzioni di questo personaggio:

  • GHEISTDolly Crpicture
    Potenza3PoterePotere sbloccato a
    Danno1BonusStop Potere Avv.
  • GHEISTDolly Crpicture
    Potenza5PoterePotere sbloccato a
    Danno1BonusStop Potere Avv.
  • GHEISTDolly Crpicture
    Potenza7PotereVeleno 2, Min 1
    Danno2BonusStop Potere Avv.
63 personaggi
missions icon 24 missioni
Bonus Stop Potere Avv.
Fondato verso la fine degli anni Settanta dallo straricco dottor Sigmund Gheist, il GHEIST. è un’organizzazione criminale ultra segreta. Per incrementare il numero dei suoi adepti, il GHEIST ha deciso di assumere il controllo di Clint City e delle sue gang ricorrendo a qualsiasi mezzo.
  • Al livello 1: min 53 489 Clintz
  • Al livello 2: min 50 593 Clintz
  • Al livello 3: min 53 892 Clintz
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98 commenti su Dolly Cr

Lunedì 12/10/2009, 22:08

I have never had anyone rage-quit more often than after a successful Dolly attack. Really.

A LOT of poison cards are pretty predictable, very often a player will hold back the pills after getting some poison through, so that they get maximum value out of the poison. With Dolly, the minimum is ONE…go ahead and smack 'em with Methane the turn after, because the poison will just keep taking life until they are down to 1.

I have won matches by giving her 1 pill, I have won matches by giving her SIX pills. People also don't expect you to add pills if she is attacking in the second match…that's still 6 damage!

Every time I get Dolly thorough on an attack, I get a warm, fuzzy happy feeling from deep inside. Like drinking hot chocolate after working outside on a cold day. I could go take a nap afterwards and sleep like a baby, my mind completely at ease and at peace with itself. Sometimes I start baking, I'll make some brownies or some peanut butter cookies. Sometimes getting Dolly though will cause me to smell baking cookies just by association.

Cookies are delicious.

I love attacking with Dolly.

End of story.

Hope this helps!

Venerdì 08/05/2009, 13:33

Dolly - 7/2 with Poison, min 1 (ability) and SoA (bonus)

- A solid 7 power, making her able to take an SoA herself~
- But most importantly, amazing poison. Simply compare her poison to Timmy.
- With the constant poison drain, your opponent will be scared of who to let through and who to block after~
- Evne more so, with a poison with such a low min, Dolly is a great bluff~
- Only 3*s as well
- I think she just took off her head in that final art thing....yeah.......definatly looks like some brain stuff in there...ew

- Ironically, SoA ruins her, much like many of the other GHEIST 3*

- Overall: 8/10 - I think Dolly has a lot of potential! She is solid, she is scary, and she is in a clan with shaky 3*. Most people will probably go Leviatonn first, but I'd say use Dolly after him! Scary poison, Scary card! smiley

Sabato 09/05/2009, 03:02

Nina has absolutely no place in any decks after the debut of this card..

Mercoledì 22/07/2009, 19:34

This card is ridiculously underpriced and everybody knows why.. Hands down, second bests three star in gheist for 100 to 120 clintz!?!? So if you have this card DON'T SELL IT! Hang on to it for awhile, wait until the price goes back up when they take her out of the New Bloods Pack.
And believe me her price is going to go up, way up.

This goes doubly for you idiots trying to sell her off in mass quantities. If you're trying to recoup your losses by unloading her when the price is the lowest or near the lowest, let's think about that for a moment.. hmmm... you're just making your losses bigger lol these are clintz people you don't need the money right now!
Have some sense, this is and isn't like the stock market: the number one rule in the stock market is buy low and sell high not the other way around, this definitely applies here.
What doesn't apply here is recouping your losses because these cards aren't businesses they're not going to go bankrupt, they'll always be on the market.
And just think bankrupt is a good thing here cause if she goes Cr then price soars like a bat out of hades (appropriate for this deck's genre right? smiley)
've bought TONZ!! I suggest you do the same
Bottom line: don't sell this card!!!! at least not for a few months

smiley Rate green so price goes up smiley

Giovedì 11/11/2010, 21:30

Vryer's Experiment Log:

Experiment #316


Though being a scientist for an ultra secret crime organization has its perks, it can get pretty lonesome around here. I mean, I spend most of my days here, in my labs, toturing and experimenting on live subjects to create some of the best creatures and soldiers GHEIST has ever seen. Now I'm not complaining or anything. I love what I do very much and I'm damn good at it, but it sucks being here all by myself.

That's when I caught sight of a pretty and seductive young woman. Approaching her, I asked her to be my assistant, and fortunately enough for me, she agreed. I was a happy man that day. I renamed her Dolly since I found her last name repulsive, and she seemed to like it very much.

Dolly and I work very well together, to say the least. She doesn't mind helping me tear open the hearts of live subjects and she doesn't even mind becoming part of my experiments at times. Now that's a faithful woman! She doesn't seem to mind if some of her body parts are missing, as she can easily replace them with other body parts from past experiments. I must admit, I never expected Dolly to be this capable to me. I think when this is over and GHEIST has taken control of Clint City, I may ask her to join me in my continued research. I'm confident she will say 'yes'.

Scientist of GHEIST

Lunedì 26/01/2015, 20:27


Giovedì 03/01/2013, 18:56

perma ban!wtf.you guys must be nuts.
almost banned every 5 star card from ghiest.ban the entire clan instead

Martedì 27/01/2015, 11:08

Dolly became cr. Now wait or all the noobs to find out she will be 15k max.

Giovedì 03/01/2013, 19:05

hats off!!another ban.
kill this entire clan instead.if you are so much against SOA.

Martedì 12/10/2010, 17:49

This card is incredibly underrated.

Lunedì 26/01/2015, 22:42

Goodbye My Baby, Goodbye My Honey, Goodbye My Ragtime Dolly.
Parting is such sweet sorrow smiley smileysmileysmiley

Domenica 01/02/2015, 15:34

lol... i remember when i got her back in the days... for what was it? 300c?

Mercoledì 04/02/2015, 19:45

Friday 09/01, 09:40:
Sold by COYONE88 to NeoAC as public sale for 351 Clintz.

Sorry mate. I just wanted some warehouse fodder.

Martedì 03/03/2015, 21:16

Nice red panties!

Giovedì 01/10/2015, 19:48

I'd suggest everyone buy now while the rates are relatively low (well, not as low as the pre- collectors edition, which was basically a steal at between 200-300 clintz). There aren't many on the market and the card is powerful in elo. Both collectors and competitors will want to buy this card and the supplies are limited. Hell, buy to invest. But if you're on the fence about Dolly Cr, just remember: it's a powerful card and it's price will most likely sky rocket soon.

Clint City, day.