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Venerdì 17/05/2013, 02:12

The name of the event is a perfect description of the size of it =)

Start event: July 2013

Min. 500 Participators.
Max. 600 Participators.

Project XL

Registration fee: 15.000 clintz
You can try to qualify at a qualifier event. [ they can be found at the turkish comment page of the maint event ]

Everyone can register at the event, a ticket is not necessary.

Prizes main event;
First 300 players will receive a prize higher than 15.000 clintz.

In all formats of the event are
- No collectors allowed
- No leaders allowed
- No Legendary characters allowed

For more information;
- checkout he english event forum
- read the event page
- send me a message =)



offline Quickdevil Colossus Urban Gamers
Domenica 23/06/2013, 00:19

Qualifier 48 : XL Qualifier 48
2500 Clintz

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