Toen hij erachter kwam dat Taham, zijn lieve hamster, zijn reserve aan pillz had opgegeten, twijfelde DJ Korr Cr er niet aan dat het ‘verrassende’ gevolgen zou hebben... Maar hij had nooit kunnen denken dat de hamster meer dan 3 meter groot zou worden en dat hij technofan zou worden.
  • Uitgekomen op vrijdag 01/08/08
  • Illustrator: Madchewi
  • Zeldzame kaart Beschikbaar in de winkel
  • Je bezit dit personage niet.
  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • icon 1 missies
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Macht van Taham:

+2 Pillz

Als Taham zijn gevecht wint, ontvangt de speler die Taham beheert 2 pillz aan het begin van de volgende ronde.



Aanval +8

De aanvalspunten van Junkz worden verhoogd met 8 punten. (Denk eraan: Kracht * Pillz = Aanval)

Eerste evolutie van 3 evoluties van dit personage:

  • JunkzTahampicture
    Kracht5MachtMacht vrijgem. op
    Schade5BonusAanval +8
  • JunkzTahampicture
    Kracht6MachtMacht vrijgem. op
    Schade5BonusAanval +8
  • JunkzTahampicture
    Kracht8Macht+2 Pillz
    Schade5BonusAanval +8
65 personages
missions icon 25 missies
Bonus Aanval +8
Wilde feesten, seks en Pills: de Junkz leven alleen voor de pret. Helaas heeft de Polit onlangs de muzieksnelheid beperkt tot 650 BPM, onder het voorwendsel dat de jeugd er anders helemaal gestoord van wordt… De Junkz hebben die wet de oorlog verklaard en strijden om hun grondrecht om te mogen doen wat ze willen te verdedigen!
  • Op niveau 3: min 49 101 Clintz
  • Op niveau 4: min 37 333 Clintz
  • Op niveau 5: min 41 582 Clintz
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45 opmerkingen over Taham

Zaterdag 20/03/2010, 18:31

smiley Want the full artwork? smiley
smiley Please rate up so everybody can find this easily smiley (When copying the direct links, delete the (R) from the address bar if it shows up)

Direct Links:

Artist Tony Semedo's Site:

Thanks to Slify for finding the Tony Semedo Site

Vrijdag 01/08/2008, 13:22


Lvl 5 - 8/5
Ability: +2 Pillz

Awesome job you hit the nail on the head, I have used Junkz for sometime and I have always said we need a better 5* and another awesome 2* card. Well guess what we just got that and yeah they both rock. This Card is an awesome pill drainer, Max power, decent damage and a nice ability. Peeler might be a bit better still but this card is no push over. because it can match up with cards like Shakra and put a dent on your opponent's life. Not much to be said this card speaks for itself it will be competing for that 5* spot with Peeler on ELO and make a great duo with him on type 2. Congrats on your comeback Junkz you needed it.

Side Note:
Taham (12345)
Hamta (34512)
I don't know if this is a reference to Hamtaro... but it seems weird that this is too obvious to not point out. Maybe refering to something else.

Zondag 10/10/2010, 16:14

*Radio Clint City!*

Hey guys, I've been getting TONS of e-mails, messages, hell even one guy calling me saying how much they love the show! Seriously, how did you find my number, dude? I'm partly flattered and mostly worried. I even had one guy dedicate him beating up another clan to me. I must be a lot bigger than I thought!

I've also been getting a couple of weird questions among the usual batch of "Talk about this Junkz guy!" Or "Where the hell'm I?! Why aren't I mentioned yet?!", something about a giant rodent. At first I thought it was the guys from Jungo being weird again... Jungo creep me out, I mean, zoo animals acting like people? We have enough people acting like animals ifyaknowwhatImean. But then I remembered, Taham!

Let good ol' Uncle Peeler tell you a story about love, life, and pillz, lots and lots of Pillz. So DJ Korr is up one night, presumably working on his mixes, and his hamster ate his whole supply of pillz! Lemme say that again... His Hamster. His HAMSTER. ATE. His whole stash of Pillz, the whole thing gone in minutes! Anyway, DJ Korr decides to see what his Hamsters like on Clint Cities second biggest export, the first being crazy. The thing is nearly as big as a warehouse and DJ Korr uses it as his stage bodyguard, when Rowdy is busy hooking things up and/or partying. Those are the origins of Taham, quite possibly the strangest, or at least the most pillz-addicted, member of Junkz.

And here's "Ode to Taham, extreme mega speed" by DJ Korr, one fo the few songs that has DJ Korr playing his other instrument, the violin, of course, the violin parts are being mixed into infintity and have enough effects to make 'em sound awesome!

Woensdag 29/09/2010, 04:31

They need to make a Taham Noel where he's dressed like Santa Claus with a sac of pillz. smiley Or at least some kind of Reindeer. smiley

Vrijdag 30/12/2011, 05:38

Level 1 : Aww... How cute! *Chews all your pillz*
Level 2 : Aww... How cute! *Chews your finger*
Level 3 : Aww... How cute! *Chews your head*

Woensdag 31/08/2011, 21:20

for those who use a half deck containing freaks and junkz (which is hardly anybody) i love useing taham with grudj, of course the pill manipulation is just my playing style, onwards with a review

taham the pill eating rodent

8 power is very good
8 attack bonus is like using an extra pill so it prevents over pilling
+ 2 pillz is great just think you use two pillz on taham and u get 24 attack (counting bounus) not bad eh?
5 damage is decent for a 5 star ( dont wanna overpower it)

5 stars is kinda alot for elo

ovrall review; taham is great card for any mono/half junkz deck, i mean taham is great as a offense as well as a great bluff
9/ 10

Woensdag 25/08/2010, 00:37

Lv3 5 Pow and 5 damage
Lv4 6 Pow and 5 damage
Lv5 8 Pow and 5 damage

- 8 power Without ability is good
- 5 damage is nice
- 2 + pillz Good,very good.Junks are starting to become pillz related like the Paraina's

- 5 what??? I've got better things to worry about
- Kinda expencive ....meh

Taham is Great!!! I choose him over Peeler's Damage reduction and lower power
T2 your crazy not to,Elo if you can squeeze him in he's worth it

Woensdag 06/07/2011, 11:15

Taham: The Hamster Raver
This is why I love Taham:
He has a solid 8 power, people! That's the highest you can go, without any abilities!
Even better, he has the Junkz bonus, so it's like Taham gets 1 more pillz. That's overpilling prevention!
Aiding him with that amazing 8 power, theres a decent 5 damage.
Which Leader has the same stats as Taham? Eyrik. People LOVE Eyrik!
Now, onward to his ability!
The Junkz have started to become a pillz manipulating clan, like the Piranas.
Gil is a 2 star Dalhia, Tremorh is a 3 star Hawkins, etcetera etcetera.
Taham is a stat modified Selma with +8 attack.
This means a Selma with a pillz saving bonus.
Talk about safety blankets!
If you win with Taham, you get a decent 5 damage in (other Junkz with 5 damage: Qubik!) which lets you KO with a furious Onik or Peeler, if you're a rich(er) guy or girl.
What I don't like about Taham is actually the number of pillz he gets back. I would have loved him if he had +3 pillz, but then he'd (probably) be OP (Smokey Cr!) and be ELO banned. That's annoying smiley
9/10, 90%, A
I was considering giving Taham 8.5/10, but I chose 9/10 because of his amazing bonus/ability synergy smiley
Check out my All Stars/Junkz preset:
Black, Silver and Gold
Until next time!

Maandag 20/08/2012, 15:50

Power 10 points
Damage 6 points
Ability 9 points
Bonus 8 points
Synergy between Ability and Bonus 9 points

42/50 points

Zaterdag 07/01/2012, 01:37

He's really cute i want him in Alvin and the chipmunkssmiley

Zondag 19/08/2012, 03:32

hey say junks like sex drugs and wild parties Taham cant have sex hes a hamstersmiley

Vrijdag 19/04/2013, 17:26

He should be -pillz, I don't really like the prospect of having my other characters eat (or drink with Red Dragon) pillz freshly regurgitated by a hamster, thank you very much.

Woensdag 06/07/2011, 11:22

His mission is Cybernetic Hamster: Inflict 150 damage with Taham
That's easy! Fury him every round and take damage. You won't win (probably, then), but those 2 pillz can make for some interesting mind games later on. If you do it, you can complete the mission in APPROXIMATELY 40 games, because you won't draw Taham every hand.
If you don't fury him and play normally, it might take up to 70 games just to finish the mission.
So... yeah

Vrijdag 23/12/2011, 16:30

Chad_OC - Novice - Open Casket
Tuesday 14/09/2010, 02:20

"or since junks has alredy some amazing 4 stars. lets tryyy a RAVE ROBOT with light and speakers and strobes and stuff.
i think it should be something like this
Lvl: 5
Ability: support attack +3
Bonus: Attack +8

Rate green if u agree! "

You know what, for some reason, i dont think an 8/6 +20 atk will go down well, but what ever makes you happy

Clint City, day.