Deea is bij een voorgaande missie meegenomen in een tijdelijk instabiele werveling. Op wonderbaarlijke wijze heeft ze dat overleeft, maar ze is wel vreselijk verminkt. Ze verbergt zich sindsdien achter een masker en de weinige personen die de kans hebben gehad om haar gezicht te zien, vinden dat ze absoluut gelijk heeft dat ze dat doet.
  • Uitgekomen op vrijdag 18/06/10
  • Illustrator: Madchewi
  • Ongewone kaart Beschikbaar in de winkel
  • Je bezit dit personage niet.
  • Dark corners icon Allowed in EFC up to Dark corners
  • icon 1 missies
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Macht van Deea:

Aanval +10

De aanvalspunten van Deea worden verhoogd met 10 punten. (Denk eraan: Kracht * Pillz = Aanval)



Nederlaag: Terugwinning 2 Pillz Van 3

Als Vortex zijn gevecht verliest, ontvangt de speler die Vortex beheert aan het begin van de volgende ronde 2/3 Pillz ingezet op Vortex, afgerond op het lager gelegen hele getal, minimum 1.

Eerste evolutie van 3 evoluties van dit personage:

  • VortexDeeapicture
    Kracht3MachtMacht vrijgem. op
    Schade1BonusNederlaag: Terugwinning 2 Pillz Van 3
  • VortexDeeapicture
    Kracht5MachtMacht vrijgem. op
    Schade3BonusNederlaag: Terugwinning 2 Pillz Van 3
  • VortexDeeapicture
    Kracht6MachtAanval +10
    Schade5BonusNederlaag: Terugwinning 2 Pillz Van 3
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Bonus Nederlaag: Terugwinning 2 Pillz Van 3
In een verre toekomst heeft een voorspelling aan de sinistere Dregn onthuld dat er een verbond van afstammelingen van de clans van Clint City zijn onheilbrengende rijk ten val zou brengen en een eind zou maken aan zijn terreurbewind. Om deze nederlaag te voorkomen, stuurt Dregn zijn beste leden om het probleem aan de bron uit te bannen. Hij zendt ze 1000 jaar terug, naar het moment dat de clans het meest verdeeld zijn.
  • Op niveau 1: min 3 837 Clintz
  • Op niveau 2: min 2 976 Clintz
  • Op niveau 3: min 3 220 Clintz
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30 opmerkingen over Deea

Vrijdag 18/06/2010, 16:04

Deea - 6/5 with +10 attack (ability) and Defeat: Recover 2 pills out of 3 (bonus)

- Decent power of 6. That decent power is amplified by her +10 attack ability
- Even better is her above average damage of 5 (7 with fury)
- At 0 pills, she has 16 attack. At 3 pills, she has 34 attack. 5 pills, she has 46 attack. Why am I telling you this?
- Because your opponent has those choices, and it's a hard pick. If I use one pill on my Nanook, I just beat your 0 pill bluff...but if you're running 3 pills, then you just took down my 10 powered card AND did 5 damage to me for only 3 pills...No, I should use 3 pills myself to beat your 3 pills...but if you're using 5, then I still lose. I should pills, just to be safe. Oh, you 0 pilled and I just lost 4 pills yet you gain one? Great. (This situation is with Nanook, 10 powered beast, It could be much worse with a card like Zeke or Cley)
- Defeat makes running Deea a very low-risk card, since your opponent normally has to overpill to beat her, and low pills for 5 damage is a great trade-off

- SoA makes her pill forcing hard. SoB is annoying and makes you think more, but doesn't hurt as much as SoA, I'd say.
- Low power makes her weaker to All-Stops, but she still ties with Leviatonn and Glorg, so it's not a huge flaw

Overall: 9/10. Higher damage, mind gamer. Dee is a very unpredictable card. She can do some great damage and some 2HKOs with Heegrn, or can take out potential threats. She seems staple for the clan right now, but we'll see~

Zondag 03/10/2010, 06:55

Lovhak's War Journal

Entry #11

October 5, 2010

Subject: Deea

My "Subject" of interest for today is Deea, one of the original four who ventured through the first of many vortexes to be used.
Deea is an able fighter, matching the fury and skill of Oflgn's combat.
Unlike Oflgn, Deea is more "sociable" with some of us than Oflgn. While she is permanently scarred by a tragic accident, Deea is relatively easygoing, and isn't all work and no play, as some may say.
When she needs to, Deea becomes a fierce fighter, and one to be reckoned with. I don't think even Oflgn could slice off a Ghiestling's arm with such precision.
As with some other members, i'm slightly unsure of Deea. While, as mentioned, she is easygoing, she is fiercely loyal to Dregn, and is well aware that he is not on good terms with me, and for that reason, doesn't fully trust me. If I can get past that barrier with her, she would become a great personal ally.
Lovhak, Demoted Sergeant of the Vortex Military
(P.S: Vortexes is a plural of vortex, as well as vortices. I just chose to use the aforementioned. So don't criticize me for it :razzsmiley

Maandag 26/07/2010, 08:13

Hm, Deea is a reference to the Phantom of the Opera. The name of the girl that the phantom falls in love with is Christine Daae; the name of the character is Deea (a's and e's are switched). As with the Phantom, Deea is scarred and hides her hideous face behind her mask. Yeah, go Phantom of the Opera! smiley

Vrijdag 16/12/2011, 19:37

vortex is a great clan with the best ability a bit exspensive and has a bit less then average damage ratio but vortex is one of the best clans if u agree rate it

Zondag 12/04/2015, 06:24

I think she just need some love and a dude who accept her the way she is. smiley

Vrijdag 09/08/2013, 06:35

The mind game deck. The mind fuck deck, whatever you wanna call it. It basically puts it's purple pee pee in your ear when you play against them. Why? Their bonus, it's stupid. Recover 2 pills out of 3 if you lose. So if you 6 pill, you get 4 back. 3 pill, you get 2. Etc etc. As well as their abilities, Dregn is a 8/4 card with -4 opp life, min 0. He's a 8/8 free basically. Unless you SoA him. If you don't, now you have to guess. Is he gonna deliver the 8 damage, or is he just bluffing?

Neutral against everyone.

Why do I think that?

If you sob their cards. Okay fine, they still have Dagg or Deea or Cyb Lhia even. If you SoA, they still have the mind game of recovering their pills back. If you attack manip them. Chances are They gain regardless. (Marty, Neloe, Dregn, Dagg, Deea. They all don't care if you attack manip, since it's a complete guess on if they pill or not.) and if you power up above them, it's still a guess. I don't play Vortex, and I'm scared of their potential.

ELO style:For Mono, just think like a mad man and cause all hell. In a half deck, please stick with the mind break theme. Pair them up with either Berzerk, Jungo, Freaks, Rescue, Bangers, Sentinel, Fang Pi Clang, or All Stars.

Woensdag 06/07/2011, 22:37

Another master piece from Madchewi plz rate green if he is your fav artist on UR smiley

Vrijdag 12/08/2011, 13:31

Is it just me, or could Deea be Esmeralda s decendent?

Woensdag 05/09/2012, 23:52

Its the phantom of the opera reference. the lead actresses stage name is Christine Daae, just reverse th eletters and there yah go.

Donderdag 28/10/2010, 04:32

poor deea no one should have there face mutilated

Vrijdag 24/02/2012, 05:30

Dagg and Deea own in ELOsmiley

Donderdag 06/12/2012, 11:24

I think deea's ancestors are flyer and rei

Maandag 02/08/2010, 13:01

Lets see, deea, " The one with the mask!"

Power: 6. Average power, but can hold her own against loads of other cards,
Damage: 5. Awesome damage for this card, 2HKO's with loads of other options.
Stars:3. Only 3 stars!3, 5 damage for a 3 star!
Ability:+ 10 Attack.Wonderful ability, makes her very tricky to fight against," Do I bluff and get 5 damage, BAM, in my face.OR do I pill and win, OH NO, he bluffed, I lose pillz and he gains one!!!"

Overall: 9.5/10. An awesome card that has mind games galore, a beast in other words, an utter beast!!!!

Donderdag 03/03/2011, 07:01

Deea is a good card and can be a great bluff if they over pill then you gain pillz and if they under pill they take 5 damagw, its a good trade smiley.

Donderdag 21/04/2011, 11:28

Deea...the best Vortex 3* so far

+ Mini Dagg who is uber-powerful (and also a tad pricy)
+2-4 pillz is her specialty, forcing the opp to either overpill to beat her (then u get pillz back) or they pill a couple and losesmiley
+5 damage is great for only 3*
- SOA makes her a bit weak, especially against the Roots clan with average 7 power

9/10...I wud always use her as my first 3* choice, pair her with Dagg and ur opp has an annoying duo to face.

Clint City, day.