offline darkill11 Novice  
Maandag 20/12/2010, 18:52

ParadiseOfFools is an pretty new clan.
We are looking for members smiley
Why will u join my clan ? : Cause we play a lot of ELO and we are going to have Event's soon and we are chating/mailing alot with each other smiley

Are u intresed ? smiley
I hope so smiley
Than join here :

offline YU - Rex Veteran Young United
Maandag 27/12/2010, 19:01

Darkill11 Veteran 26 998
Darkill22 Senior 1 936
darkkwij Veteran 17 953
darkill1 Novice 4 664


offline ArtemisBZ Colossus BrainZtorm
Maandag 27/12/2010, 19:19

I tend to agree Rex Reges. Darkill, please read this:
Be advised that the Terms & Conditions you agreed to upon registration
prohibit you from having more than one active account. You may
voluntarily choose to abandon all but one account, or you may have all
accounts shut down by the UR staff.

The Terms & Conditions are found here: /player/cgv.php

From each account to be deleted, select "Contact us" from the green
"?" button in the upper right, and select "I would like to delete my
account" from the drop-down menu. Do not transfer cards. Do not play
any fights. Log out, and do not log back in.

Continued violation will result in the limitation of ALL accounts.This is a final warning
Thanks smiley

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