Vrijdag 13/05/2011, 08:31

Good Vs Evil!Black Vs Blue !Jing Vs Jang!Thieves/Robbers Vs Police!Which side you will choose?Which side will choose you? Random.Org will decide for you! THIS IS NOT a Lottery!

*NOTE* Read carefully the rules before joining!!!!!

Here is the link ☯ Police Troubles ☯

Thanks mods! smiley

Zondag 22/05/2011, 11:26

I wil choose the bad side !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smileysmileysmileypirate:

Maandag 23/05/2011, 12:35

Hahaha ok join up people!

Maandag 30/05/2011, 19:47

4 more people need to join and the event begins! Woohoo! : thumbsup:

Donderdag 02/06/2011, 13:22

Thanks to all moderators who helped me in here.The recruitment of the players needed in this event has ended.Please close this or delete it.


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