offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Woensdag 12/02/2014, 11:45

Coliseum: Mono from friday february 13 at 10am CET (5am EST) to monday february 17 at 10am CET (5am EST).Deck format mono (12 life points / 12 pillz).Come to win one of the numerous Cr put into play as well as Clintz and battle points smileyAll details on the Coliseum page.Good luck everybody.

offline DUC B0SSie Colossus Dutch Urban Crew
Zondag 16/02/2014, 23:23

Yeah right: "friday february 13 at 10am CET (5am EST) to monday february 17". Please get a calendar since this is the second time you write wrong dates for coliseum period. smiley

And i guess this staff is to f** lazy to announce stuff like this in the language of the communities?! smiley

I am getting fed up with this UR organisation, who is to blind to see how you're neglecting your clients? Yes "clients", because we pay to play this game and UR is just making money on our behalve. UR staff is planning all kinds of renewals and tells us that they will make things better but Happy hours is not what we need. We need some proper support, a solid guild system and so on. And look what we get, a short message in a foreign language. Where are those UR staff member for every community? Guess they cost too much.

Sorry for my negative 50 cents but this is getting pathetic!

ps: Maybe you could find a way in how coliseum players can see how many matches they have played in their played matches section, instead of making them have to browsing in the Coliseum ranking pages.

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