offline Lunabass Senior  
Dinsdag 06/07/2010, 13:57

I've kinda skeemed the messageboards for the most recent top tier elo decks, but no luck till now...

sooooo i wondered if anyone could link me or show me some 1300 elo points decks of themselves orsumthing like that if possible... and also some hints on how to play in elo would be helpful since i'm only a starter...

thx in advance

offline Lunabass Senior  
Dinsdag 06/07/2010, 20:42

Or wich clan combinations work best links to other sites were people explain strategies to the different clans etc

offline DJL11 Guru  
Woensdag 21/07/2010, 22:19

I had 1334 elo's with an Sakromh deck! I f that's what you mean?
Also an combi-deck of uppers and Sakromh which I ended with 1305 elo's.

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