offline Lord Cristian Legend United Romania
Donderdag 12/04/2012, 08:06

The highest paying event of the UR-history is back! The Community Cup 2012 is on the starting blocks. Compete with friends from your community, play for your community in varying formats for exciting valuable prizes and the prestige to be the best community of UR!
Will Spain win again in 2012?

Community Cup 2012 Qualifier RO/ND/PL

Rules to enter in the event:
Entrance fee: 500 clintz
Rank: Hero (at least 20% of the characters)
Level: 30

Complete Rules:

The best 7 players of the play as team for their community in Community Cup 2012 .


Community Cup Champion Team - 7x DJ Korr Cr
Community Cup Runner Up Team - 7x Guru Cr
Community Cup Semi-Finalist Teams - 7x Lao Cr for each team
Community Cup Quarter-Finalist Teams - 7x Rass Cr for each team

+ 1 Kolos statue (will be released how to win it when finals will start)

The start of each qualifier is the 19th April.

First round of registration for 64 players:
Saturday 14th 16:00 GMT +3 - according to

Second round of registrations for 64 players:
Wednesday 18th 21:00 GMT +3 - according to

Have Fun!

offline Quickdevil Colossus Urban Gamers
Donderdag 12/04/2012, 19:49

Count me in smiley

offline zward bloed Senior  
Donderdag 12/04/2012, 20:17


offline luc nl Senior  
Vrijdag 13/04/2012, 14:49

Count me in

offline NizZziNoL Imperator TrAitorzZz
Vrijdag 13/04/2012, 17:24

Same here mate! Count me in aswell. smiley

offline jessie_650 Senior  
Vrijdag 13/04/2012, 20:01

Count me in plz

offline timothy2000 Senior Fast Ko
Zaterdag 14/04/2012, 07:10

Wij NL'ers hebben moeilijk kans te winnen,die mensen die lvl 60+ zijn zijn meestal spanjaarden noem maar op ;(

offline 0_AAR Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Zaterdag 14/04/2012, 09:20

Haha timothy, nederland heeft ook redelijk veel lvl 60+ spelers smiley

offline _wolf_fang_ Senior  
Zaterdag 14/04/2012, 11:30

Jullie kunnen echt niet lezen he: minimum rank: HERO

offline AnnihiluS Hero  
Zaterdag 14/04/2012, 17:59

Is it too late ? if not please count me in aswell smiley

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