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Vrijdag 18/01/2008, 00:37

-After trying to organize other events, that finally couldn't be done, with the excuse of birthday DRA1002, we had a group of players to make this.

-I'm proud of presenting it as D17.

-It's a lottery that anyone can join for free. The only thing you need to join is to answer this same topic in the hispanic forums (red-yellow-red flag).

-To register here :

-The raffle lasted one week and the prizes were promising to be on Sunday of the following week, that is to say on Sunday, the 27th

-Each card is for a player:

-These are the prizes:

-Flavio Cr
-Sigmund Cr
-Marlysa Cr
-Dragan Cr
-Reine Cr
-Ombre Cr
-2 Skullface Cr
-Selsya Cr
-Tessa Cr
-Thaumaturge Cr
-2 Nahi Cr
-11 Swidz Cr
-2 Page Cr
-Cassio Cr
-2 Diyo Cr
-Seldnor Cr

-The lottery was organized thanks to the help of:

-SA-Mac Leod
-Memento Mori
-Alexander brz
-3ivan17 AZ
-MTS perky
-AZ Kakashi

-If someone else wants to colaborate we'll be pleased to have you in (just contact with me)

-Bye, good luck to everyone and sorry for my english smiley

-PD: Remember answer in the Hispanic forum

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Vrijdag 18/01/2008, 17:08

Update of prizes and collaborators


Flavio Cr
Sigmund Cr
Marlysa Cr
Dragan Cr
Reine Cr
Ombre Cr
2 Skullface Cr
Jim Cr
Selsya Cr
Tessa Cr
2 Thaumaturge Cr
2 Kerozinn Cr
2 Nahi Cr
11 Swidz Cr
2 Seldnor Cr
3 Page Cr
2 Geuner Cr
2 Cassio Cr
2 Diyo Cr


SA-Mac Leod
Alexander brz
Memento Mori
3ivan17 AZ
MTS perky
AZ Kakashi
Un jugador anónimo, Un joueur anonyme, An anonymous player

Bye, good luck to everyone and if someone else wants to colaborate we'll be pleased to have you in (just contact with me)
sorry for my english

Please, remember that alone there will be born in mind those who sign in the Spanish forum

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