offline DUCAmbresoler Colossus Dutch Urban Crew
Donderdag 02/02/2012, 15:35

PLease invite yourself to be part of this wonderfull event

~The Dutch Urban Crew biggest event ever~

Together we have made it possible that this event came about.

With great prices, we hope to attract a large number of participants.
Donations are more than welcomesmiley

It will be played in four types: Elo, T1, T2 and Rainbow
We begin with groups and will eventually end up with knockout stages until there are only two players remain.

These two players will decide who the winner of this event is.

For questions please contact DUC-Cyborg

1st 50% jackpot
2nd 20% jackpot
3th 15% jackpot
4th 10% jackpot
5th 5% jackpot

We will also raffle some cards while the event is going on.

Donations are always welcome smiley

Donations already done:

DUC-Cyborg: 1x Cliff 1x Chlora 1x Miss Stella 1x Fuzz 5x Sandro
DUC-tuupke: 5x Yookie
DUCAmbresoler: 1x Jackie Cr 1x Sigma 1x Oshitsune 1x Ahkab 1x Bodenpower 1x Dacote 1x Zinfrid 1x Lorna 1x Belgosi 1x Aylen
DUCvatoslocos: 1x Dugan 1x Dallas
DUC-Dynamite: 1x Veenyle Cr 1x Oflgn 1x Willy 1x Fuzz 1x Louise
Dutch Urban Crew: 1x Karrion
DUC Eagle: 1x Cyb Lhia
DUC-Kid: 1x Kronnen 1x Izsobahd 1x Heegrn 1x Diego
duc-delicious: 1x Caelus Cr 1x Shaakarti
katrina duck: 1x Kinjo 1x Macumba
duc-uien1: 1x Don 1x Arnie
DUC_ds-lars: 1x Aniki 1x Flyer
DUC-TmenZ: 1x Kati
Mewthree Cr: 1x Beetenka 1x Nellie
DUC_poepsteek, DUC-Cyborg, DUCmichaelpsv, DUC-Dynamite 1x GraksmxxT

offline DUC B0SSie Colossus Dutch Urban Crew
Zaterdag 11/02/2012, 01:54

Kijk, dat noem ik nog eens prijzen en een geweldig event, SO PROUD! smiley

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