Vrijdag 17/12/2010, 17:45

Hey everyone, want to join a guild?
Don't search anymore: the beastly band at your service!
Each month, our guild chose a mascotte.
That mascotte will be the whole month our enblem!
Everyone can enter.
Here's a link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1172714

Zaterdag 29/01/2011, 17:12

Everyone can enter, but you have to be active.

Vrijdag 11/02/2011, 17:45

We're recruiting NOW!!!

Dinsdag 26/04/2011, 18:23

Hey guys, I was some time not active, but I am back!

Donderdag 28/04/2011, 17:55

The minimum lv is now lv 22!

Zondag 05/06/2011, 17:24

Okay, I'm not longer member of the beastly band.
I just was becoming inactive.
But there's a new Leader: grospliff!
He will lead the beastly band to the best guild ever!


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