offline DUC-The King Master  
Zaterdag 27/11/2010, 16:09

Hey people, with honor I present you this guild: the beastly band!
Everyone can enter, on 1 condition: forbidden if your whole deck is made of Nightmare Pussycats Sakrohm
All Stars Uppers. I seriously hate those clans.
It's now in the beginning fase, but it will get the biggest of all guilds!
If you're interested, you are free to come to my guild!
I will welcome you with open arms!

offline ArtemisBZ Colossus BrainZtorm
Zaterdag 27/11/2010, 16:18

Waar is die link naar jou gilde toe nou?
the beastly band

offline DUC-The King Master  
Zondag 28/11/2010, 11:02

Sorry for what I said ealier!
From today, everyone can enter!

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