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Zondag 04/10/2009, 15:02

The monopol outlets, type:

take part in this event is quite simple:

will be played a week-long in the dt's
-1st place gets 10 points
-who the top 5 reaches 5 points
-who the top 10 reached 3 points
- Top 50 = 1 point

additionally every day in the 20 clock (GMX dt +1) by me 10 cards distributed by lottery among all the tunier this
! participate

The winner of the week assessment should enjoy a nice cr

... is evaluated each tunier that you play!

your results are by PN at me and struggled to score points and then I gesenset) (after verification
I registered in the list!

much luck to you all ... gruß matze

I welcome all sponsors who participate ^ ^

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Dinsdag 06/10/2009, 05:48

Pls look at the gamers and give your best!

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