offline Technootjes Titan  
Vrijdag 16/05/2008, 14:52

Hi people,

We (Admins of the guild Thewarlords) want to promote our guild, we're a tournament guild and we try to get our members in top 10 of the tournament and we have already succes!
We want to maken a tournament for every player who want to join.
The prices are:
- 1th: Erpeto
- 2nd: Vladimir
- 3th: Prince Jr.

The tournament will be just like a normal tournament, to get as much battlepoints as possible in one hour.
If you want to join this tournament and try to get one of these cards. Write your name down here, and ask if you may join our guild.
During the tournament and the hour after the tournament, you need a neme ....-WAR, if I would join the tournament my name would be Full-house-WAR.

I hope to see you Sunday, from 20.00-21.00 dutch time!


offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Vrijdag 16/05/2008, 15:20

Hi , i offer 20.000 ctz for your tournament as present , send me a card at 20050 ctz i'll send it back at 50 ctz , dank U en proficiat smiley

offline Technootjes Titan  
Vrijdag 16/05/2008, 15:26

That chance a lot,
1th place: Jackie
2nd Place: WeeLee
3th Place: Wardog
4th en 5th place: Prince Jr.

offline Technootjes Titan  
Vrijdag 16/05/2008, 15:30

This will be the real prices:
1th: Jackie
2nd: Wee Lee
3th: Wardog
4th: Prince Jr.
5th: Luba

offline Technootjes Titan  
Vrijdag 16/05/2008, 15:47

Ofcourse the tournament will be in one of the normal tournament rooms, at the end We'll look who are the 5 best players and they'll get there price!

offline Tyriso Master  
Zondag 15/06/2008, 11:10

Hey i would like to join your guild but. . .
i am only lvl 13 so far smiley
can i join anyway???

offline damion14 Senior  
Zondag 22/06/2008, 20:00

Hey I would like to join this guild, I only by level 10.
but can I please join this guild

offline Papagali Titan  
Zondag 20/07/2008, 13:29

So I'm guessing this tourny is all over and done with?
Can the topic be closed if this is the case?

offline Far2fast4U Titan  
Zondag 19/07/2009, 14:07

Ik doe wel mee als het mag/kan. Ik probeer vandaag van 20-21h te spelen (Dat is nog ook niet zeker, ik las net pas dat er een tournooi aan de gang was).

Ik schrijf me in met aanderen maatjes van me : Dishnor, Shinji-R en Defrazor.
Zou de datum veranderen (liever in de avond), PM ons.

PS If you can't read Dutch :
Could you please add me and some others (Dishnor, Shinji-R and Defrazor) on the tournament list.
We'll try to participate if IRL it is not too late, since I just read the message.

offline TheSexyAlex Imperator  
Zondag 02/08/2009, 19:50

Ik doe mee smiley

maar gaat het dus om meeste gevechtspunten??

(waar je mee lvls up gaat..)

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