offline SpT Uryus Senior  
Donderdag 29/09/2011, 15:02

Approximate value: 300k
I'm searching this cards:

- Lou (1.6k)
- Louise (8.7k)
- Shakra (12.3k)
- Rosen (1k)
- Eduardo (3.4k)
- Haze (9.2k)
- Draheera (8.8k)
- Rolph (6.6k)
- Jautya (3.5k)
- Stella (8.3k)
- Selina (4.6k)
- Noemi (2.1k)
- Diana (7.7k)
- Gatline (2.7k)
- Ahkab (17.7k)
- Tsubame (60k)
- Numar (33.2k)

If you want to trade some of this cards for my Cr contact me with a

private message.
I do not care clitz or Vortex cards or other Cr.

Thanks in advance
[PS: Please write me in English or Italian smiley]

offline Dutch Brain Titan The CheeseHeadz
Woensdag 02/11/2011, 12:10

What do you want for alec cr....?

offline masterius86 Guru  
Woensdag 07/12/2011, 15:03

I have Gatline for u, what will you give in return?

offline UG_pokefen Master Urban Gangstarzz
Zondag 01/01/2012, 20:09

What do you want to trade for lou

offline ZeroBlack_A Guru  
Zaterdag 21/01/2012, 21:05

I have numar what will you give ?

offline DUC-DarkDemon Titan Dutch Urban Crew
Zondag 17/06/2012, 13:48

I have haze stella and ahkab waht do you give?

offline Waterhond Guru Arcadia
Woensdag 10/10/2012, 18:32

I have a tsubame

offline Waterhond Guru Arcadia
Woensdag 10/10/2012, 18:33

I have Tsubame, Rolph, Jautya, Noemi and Gatline

offline Nerizion Guru ELITE NATION
Woensdag 10/10/2012, 19:36

I have got draheera and selinasmiley

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