Razor está-se nas tintas para a filosofia de Tanaereva. Para ele, o importante é surfar. Enquanto houver ondas e sol, o resto não interessa. Natural de um atol do Pacífico Sul, milita para que se retomem nesse local os testes nucleares submarinos para que possa finalmente aproveitar a ocasião para surfar numa onda digna dele…
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  • Ilustrador: fudgegraphik
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Poder de Razor:

Nenhum poder

Nenhum poder



Potência +2

A Potência de Ulu Watu aumenta 2 pontos. (Lembrete: Potência * Pillz = Ataque).

Primeira evolução das 4 evoluções desta personagem:

  • Ulu WatuRazorpicture
    Potência4PoderNenhum poder
    Danos1BónusPotência +2
  • Ulu WatuRazorpicture
    Potência4PoderNenhum poder
    Danos3BónusPotência +2
  • Ulu WatuRazorpicture
    Potência4PoderNenhum poder
    Danos4BónusPotência +2
  • Ulu WatuRazorpicture
    Potência4PoderNenhum poder
    Danos6BónusPotência +2
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Bónus Potência +2
O aquecimento do planeta tem um efeito devastador nos bons locais de surf, a neve é um bem raro e as ondas são tão violentas que não é possível fazer surf nelas... A luta começa para que o Polit considere o ambiente ou que, pelo menos, mande construir novos parques para se andar de skate.
  • No nível 1: min 2 183 Clintz
  • No nível 2: min 1 668 Clintz
  • No nível 3: min 2 212 Clintz
  • No nível 4: min 992 Clintz
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32 comentários sobre Razor

Segunda 14/02/2011, 12:40

Razor full art, thanks Team Chman ! smiley

Sexta 06/11/2009, 15:23

Who says Razor is the weakest Ulu Watu?
well not me...as you see Mac Hen is weaker 2/5at lv3(or4/7with bonus and fury)and at the market his price is even higher than Razor!While Razor is 4/6(6/8with bonus and fury)and i also suggest to use Coraille who has same damage but 1pt. stronger
and oh trend Coraille at start is a sea rider and at final level to a warriorsmiley
And for Ulu Watu collectors if youre going to buy Mac Hen remove him from deck.

Quinta 10/07/2008, 14:25

Razor - 6/6 (with bonus) and no ability

- 6 damage (8 with fury) cuts your opponent's life in half
- 6 power isn't that bad, but

- His original power is only 4, so soB will kill him
- He is 4-stars, that takes up a lot of room.
- 6 power for a Ulu Watu? way too low

even if I were a beginner making an Ulu Watu deck, I'd use Coraille before I'd use Razor (Least she has 1 more power and is the same price) and even shes not that good. If you're looking for a good 4-star Ulu Watu, i'd say save for Buck.

Rating :2/10 - One of the worst Ulu Watu in the game.....kinda scary cause 6/6 is higher then most of other clans' "worst in the game"

Segunda 16/05/2011, 01:29

Yay, swearing in a bio! smiley Oh and its Tanaereva (well now its Tanaereva Cr) and not Taenareva smiley

Terça 12/02/2013, 07:30

What's that Razor? You don't give a damn about Tan Man's policies? May I escort you to his wave, or are you willing to change your mind? smiley

Sábado 14/03/2015, 05:04

Yeah this guy knows what to protest about Nuke the Ocean! Nuke the Ocean! Nuke the Ocean!

Terça 25/04/2017, 02:01

Not so great, but better than good. Keep at your retraining if you want to obtain your goal.

Sexta 25/09/2009, 23:00

Slify, your being WAY too hard on him. At LEAST 4/10, I know he's bad, but any card that get in 6 damage is fine by me (Cept' Bob Jody)

Rate it up guys.

Segunda 31/10/2011, 17:50

Such a big clan with so few Crs
Razer is an old enough card to get Cr , dot forget it

Quinta 25/03/2010, 12:56

just another old geezersmiley

Quarta 14/04/2010, 19:53

Razor is a strictly beginner card only. His 6 damage will hit hard in those early levels. He's simply just an addition to your collection by the time you reach lvl 10.

Sábado 12/06/2010, 01:22

In Razor's defence, he does have one GOOD thing going for him.
He's a nice 1 Star Filler.... if you absolutely need that extra star.
With the bonus he's a 6/1.
On level one, only Gaia (who is most likely already in your deck), and Chad Bread (who is EXPENSIVE) can match that power.
So, if you want to get that extra 5 star Stanly in your deck, well... Razor can make decent room.

Sábado 07/08/2010, 19:42

Why is Razor worth more than Coraille? She has one more power than him. smiley

Quarta 18/08/2010, 19:59

he is the following: smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

Quarta 29/12/2010, 20:37

i didnt even know i had this card...

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