Uma nova menina da claque junta-se aos All Stars e a Kimberley. Esta menina da claque, que não é como as outras, tem um segredo que só ela conhece. Uma coisa é certa: arrisca-se a surpreender mais de uma pessoa...
  • Saiu a sexta 17/08/07
  • Ilustrador: Katjagger
  • Carta corrente Disponível na loja
  • Não possui esta personagem.
  • Chocomuscle ring icon Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
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Poder de Ashley:

-3 Danos Adv. Mín. 2

Se Ashley perder o combate, os Danos infligidos ao proprietário de Ashley serão reduzidos em 3 pontos até no mínimo de 2.



-2 Potência Adv. Mín. 1

A Potência da personagem adversa é reduzida em 2 pontos ou até ao mínimo de 1.

Primeira evolução das 2 evoluções desta personagem:

  • All StarsAshleypicture
    Potência3PoderPoder desbloq. em
    Danos1Bónus-2 Potência Adv. Mín. 1
  • All StarsAshleypicture
    Potência5Poder-3 Danos Adv. Mín. 2
    Danos1Bónus-2 Potência Adv. Mín. 1
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Bónus -2 Potência Adv. Mín. 1
Chegaram as barras achocolatadas “ChocoMuscle” nova geração que fazem emagrecer musculando ao mesmo tempo e cada vez mais Clintianos abandonam o desporto para as comerem. A relva dos estádios já não são aparadas e as pistas de corridas tornaram-se pistas de dança para os Junkz... Reunidos por Eyrton, os melhores desportistas de Clint City querem salvar a cidade e restabelecer a verdade: para ganharem músculos, é preciso combater!!!
  • No nível 1: min 863 Clintz
  • No nível 2: min 984 Clintz
Ver as 103 ofertas no Mercado

32 comentários sobre Ashley

Sábado 25/10/2008, 03:16

Level 1: power 3 damage 1
Level 2: power 5 damage 1 abilty 3-opponents damage minimum 2

Pros: decent damage reducer
Cons: Low damage and mild power

The big secret is that "she" is actually a "he".smileysmileysmiley

Please Vote smiley for mine.smileysmiley

Quinta 21/02/2008, 16:41

-a decent filler card for All Stars
-a good 5/1 card considering that she's only a 2star which can reduce damage (-3 opp damage min.2) with the bonus to reduce opp power (-2 min.1)
-can be used (sometimes) to fish out opponent's strong cards, and is a decent card to use in a desperate or tight situation
-and as his/her biography states: "there's more to her then meets the eye…" reminds me instantly of Transformers..smiley

Sábado 13/11/2010, 18:58

Imagine this situation. A noob sees this card and says "OMG a cheerleader, and she has good stats her level 2 must be sooooo hot" Then he buys the card and sees the level 2. He sells the card immediately at a low price, that also explains why this card is 300 when it should be 800 at least

Domingo 30/01/2011, 17:44

he's not gay, he's just a transexual

Terça 27/07/2010, 10:53

Personally i really like this card. I love using this card in my All Stars Deck. mainly because of her nice Damage Reduction, this card has helped me win many games. Think about you play one or two pills then they don't want to take the damage reduction so they play no pills and you win and hurt them 1. Then again if they go first and you no they are going to win just play this card and reduce their damage by 3 smiley

Thanks for Reading this Rating: 8/10 Would of been nicer if she had more damage.

Terça 28/12/2010, 06:27

Ashley: Lvl 2: 5 power 1 damage

-She/He is only 2 stars giving you room for your El Gringo and Striker
-3 damage reduction is quite nice with a minimum of two
-Very Cheap (200-600 clintz)
-5 power is OK with the All stars reduction
-Funny artwork

- 1 damage! Who wants to pill on a card with 1 damage!
-Competes with Jessie and Stacey
-SOA is very annoying

Overall Ashley is a 8.5/10 Mainly because she is two stars and cheap. The damage reduction helps a lot as well.
If you are rolling in clintz (unlike me because my most expensive card was Eyrton) get Stacey and Jessie, but using them all is not really a bad idea

Quarta 10/10/2012, 12:27

~Eloxia Reviews~
Ashley 5/1 2* Ability: -3 Opp Damage min 2.
Psst... the secret is.. she had a nose job.

♥-Nice Damage Reduction.
♥-Only 2 stars! smiley
♥-Common so really cheap.

♥-Her stats are dreadful, even with her bonus.
♥-She's competing with Jessie, Stacey , Miss Jessie and Loretta.
♥-SOA takes the only thing good away from this card

Overall I give Ashley a 5.5/10. Ashley used to be used quite a bit but nowadays She isn't going to find much use in decks anymore. Sure Ashley is a DR 2 star.. but with Nathan and Marina; Jessie is going to be the better choice with her + Life and solid stats.

Terça 12/08/2014, 16:26

Odify Reviews ~

Ashley the "Mysterious" cheerleader!

So lets start this gig shall we?

Her ability is nice. -3 opp. power min 2 is nothing to laugh at.
5 power, pretty average for a 2 star.
Her clan bonus makes her kind of a threat
Essie would love this card smiley
Like I say for most All-Stars, Eyrik helps, a lot!
2 stars makes nice room in Elo.

1 damage is pitiful. Even for a 2 star.
5 base power? Egh....
There are many more cards better than her.

Overall Ashley to me is a 6/10. I like her ability, and she gives Essie a good edge so Essie can have practically 12/5. All of you starters, I'd prefer buying this card. But I'd only buy this card to sacrifice, not to use on offense.

Rate Green for a good review, Rate Red for bad review. Thanks for reading!

Sábado 16/12/2017, 19:33

Name: Ashley

Clan: All Stars

A new cheerleader has joined All-Stars and Kimberley. But this ordinary cheerleader has a secret that no one else knows. One thing is certain, there's more to her then meets the eye…

Kimberly - All Stars member

Sábado 25/06/2011, 11:40

Ashley: The Drag Queen
We have you to thank for Miss Jessie then?
Okay, now that that's out of the way.
When I was playing All Stars, I found out that something was missing in my deck: A good damage reducer.
Ashley is a good damage reducer.
I put 2 and 2 together and bought Miss Jessie (What? +4 life is better than -3 damage!)
And then I thought: What about both of them?
Well, I'm buying Ashley. Let's see how it goes!
Anyways, in my opinion: Ashley is really good. She can be used as a wall for 6 and 7 powers (2 star! with bonus, it makes a formidable combo) while still being a damage reducer, with 2 as a minimum.
For the record, the COMPLETLY lowest minimum is -2. Why? Lola against any card with 1 damage.
So because the All Stars have only one other damage reducer (Dan smiley ) I'm using Ashley smiley

Domingo 18/03/2012, 22:54

Good: ☑
Bad: ☐

Sábado 17/05/2014, 10:47

Ashley won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014! Congrats!

Quinta 25/12/2014, 10:27

My review of Ashley:
2* easy to fit in decks
Great damage reducer
5 power is decent in the clan
Can bring some giants down to low damage
SoA really hurts
SoB hurts too
1 damage sucks
Better 2*s in the clan

Overall review:
Gameplay: Bluff on giants to reduce the damage and take them down even. She/he can be really helpful. The card is good at its job and can even be great at its job possibly.
Recommendations: Use only in Elo that's it, it's only usable in that game mode really and that's it. Maybe survivor.
Art: Good but not that creative: 6/10
Modes: It is a card only for elo and possibly survivor. It won't be able to win matches fast for you in fact it will slow you down.

Card: 7/10
Art: 6/10
Playability in all modes: 4/10

Domingo 26/09/2010, 02:36

just 279 clintz for just a 2 leveled cheerleader no fair (wating money:madsmiley

Clint City, night.