Uxoh e o irmão mais novo, Burger, são fascinados por bombas desde a infância. Os dois lembram-se das bombas artesanais que fabricavam às escondidas no quarto. Interessado pela oportunidade de manipular bombas verdadeiras, Uxoh decide juntar-se ao clã La Junta, onde é quem coloca as bombas graças ao seu sangue frio e perícia.
  • Saiu a sexta 17/08/07
  • Ilustrador: kahouet
  • Carta rara Disponível na loja
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  • Chocomuscle ring icon Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
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Poder de Uxoh:

+1 Vida Por Dano

Por cada Dano infligido por Uxoh ao jogador adverso no final de um round, o jogador que controlar a personagem ganha 1 pontos de Vida no final do round.



Danos +2

Os pontos de Danos de La Junta aumentam 2 pontos. (Lembrete: os pontos de Danos são infligidos ao seu adversário se ganhar o round).

Primeira evolução das 3 evoluções desta personagem:

  • La JuntaUxohpicture
    Potência2PoderPoder desbloq. em
    Danos1BónusDanos +2
  • La JuntaUxohpicture
    Potência3PoderPoder desbloq. em
    Danos1BónusDanos +2
  • La JuntaUxohpicture
    Potência7Poder+1 Vida Por Dano
    Danos1BónusDanos +2
63 personagens
missions icon 25 missões
Bónus Danos +2
Combatentes despreocupados, estes barulhentos têm a mão tão lesta quanto o humor. Partidários de um poder forte, estes militares decidiram colocar a sociedade na ordem começando por rapar o crânio dos jovens, “esses molengões”. Eventualmente, não estariam contra a ideia de serem eles próprios a tomar a direcção do Polit, “aquela cambada de idiotas”.
  • No nível 1: min 9 519 Clintz
  • No nível 2: min 9 485 Clintz
  • No nível 3: min 9 713 Clintz
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30 comentários sobre Uxoh

Domingo 03/07/2011, 17:18

This guy is ''THE BOMB'' -Get it guys ''THE BOMB'' smiley smiley. smiley smiley Ah fuck u guys my grandma sayd i am funny.

Sábado 04/06/2011, 14:22

Technically usable but why would you when Laura, Archibald, Nahomi and Bruce are all cheaper and better. Junta doesnt really need healers, it wants to 2HKO the opponent. And 7 power can be on the low side considering there is nothing to help it win AND it can't 2HKO without fury (and Junta needs its pills) or a 7 damage Junta (which are not all that great).

Not to mention he is full of holes, SOA and its useless, SOB and its useless, -damage any where below 3 and its useless.

I would recommend you not buying this card, there are better alternatives

Terça 06/12/2011, 00:14

Ability: +1 Life per damage dealt
Bonus: +2 damage

--Only 3*s
--7 power is pretty average for La Junta
--Only clan member that can actually heal
--Can potentially create or close a 10 life gap (1 damage + 2 damage bonus + fury = 5 damage dealt and 5 damage healed)
--Often times ignored for his low damage, can be played stealthily\

--SoA stops all the purpose of the card
--SoB greatly reduces the effectiveness but doesn't stop you entirely
--All stops... who's day doesn't an all stop ruin?
--Damage reducers, depending on their min you may be able to skirt under it
--Good bit of competition for a spot if you're planning an ELO or T1 deck

Seems like poor Uxoh is still an underrated and underpriced card for his incredible utility. When it comes to La Junta you have more 3* beasts than you can shake a stick at: Laura, Archibald, Trish, Nahomi, Jane Ramba, Tank, Bruce, Masamu, even Mitch and Leo.

Depending on your personal preference and play style you have plenty of options to take advantage of. I dare say La Junta has the best 3*'s around. One thing that La Junta lacks as a clan is a healing ability. In all likelihood this is something that the clan will never really get, however Uxoh fills this niche quite nicely. His utility can prove to be game winning especially when paired with damage reducers in your hand. Saving Uxoh for a surprise fury attack is one of the more rewarding rounds to win as a Junta player myself. That sudden swing can make your opponent suddenly play much more aggressively and over pill or fury unnecessarily to close the gap. Uxoh is a very tactical card and of course any SoA will ruin him, but unless its Roots or Gheist you can usually avoid any SoA cards your opponent may have.

Overall: 7.5/10 Be careful with Uxoh, he's meant to be tactical and not a brute force character like much of La Junta is intended. Pill wisely and he will make a noticeable difference.

Quinta 22/07/2010, 05:38

smiley This card could have so much more potential if the damage was increased by one (Just one more point, just one!). He has great power, but his damage is a disappointment. The clan bonus helps some...

Overall it's a good card to have depending how skilled you are at playing the game and I absolutely love his artwork. I would recommend this card for more skilled players. This card is too risky for beginners.

Segunda 03/03/2014, 10:12

take Zhu Tang

Domingo 29/06/2014, 10:56

Absolutely no point in using this card except for other support cards such as Isatis or Sabia. Use D4 Funk, or Nyema instead

Quinta 20/05/2010, 19:30

Lets put it this way~ can produce a large gap however he relies on both abilities one without the other cripples the card.

Sábado 26/06/2010, 06:36

Full artwork:

Quinta 25/11/2010, 17:18

It is said he is one of few La Junta healers...I'm a mono-La Junta, and I am curious...having been through all of the cards a few times, how come I have never seen another La Junta healer? Send me a message with the identity of the other healer(s) if one exists, please. It would be much appreciated.

Sexta 05/08/2011, 20:07

If you look closely at the bomb in the 2nd star its the same bomb that Burger was working on in his last star smiley
Rate Green if you see what i mean smiley

Segunda 19/12/2011, 21:54

How about a nerf for ol Uxoh here? Here's an idea.

Stats: 7/1 3*
Ability: -1 Opp. Life Per Damage, Min 6.
Bonus: Damage +2

Technically like a damage multiplier, but has a minimum to which it can reduce to. I see La Junta's power being able to deal damage, not gain life. Fairs the same except reduces opponent's life, to a minimum of 6, instead of healing your life.

Terça 20/03/2012, 20:52

Burger is a much better cardsmileysmiley

Sexta 15/07/2011, 22:06

You youngins don't understnad this but before zhutang, nyema, ernst, and praxie we had uxoh and he kicked ass!!!!

Quarta 07/09/2011, 11:21

Zhu Tang is better smileysmileysmiley
Rate Red if u didn't agree smiley

Sexta 20/08/2010, 14:41


-3 star card
-7 power level (fairly high)
-Not that expensive
-All black gear just like Burger
-Nice ability (+1 life per damage)
-All great artwork
-Overall 8/10

Clint City, day.