offline Saga Admin La Congrégation de l'Ombre
Terça 15/10/2013, 09:17

The Coliseum Shadow & Light is coming from wednesday october 16 at 10AM
CET (4am EST) to thursday october 17 at 2PM CET (8am EST).Play
with a 28 stars deck and with 10 cards (12 pillz / 12 life
points)Choose to stay in the shadow or shine in this Coliseum and win one of the numerous Collector cards in play.All details available on the Coliseum page.Good luck!

offline KINGKING90 Novice  
Terça 15/10/2013, 18:27


offline Alquimik Legend  
Quarta 16/10/2013, 13:43

Iv seen both lizbeth and eddie playing.. ban elo cards can play again.. the last colosium what the same.. playin with elo ban cards.. no one controling is there?!?

offline liononfire Hero  
Quarta 16/10/2013, 20:46

Que ingles tao bem faladrado...

offline CHARLESSHERIFF Titan Regret Nothing
Quinta 17/10/2013, 00:53


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