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Coliseum: Restricted Area

Coliseum: Restricted Area
quinta 17/10/2013, 15:09
Saga - Admin English

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Coliseum: Restricted Area
Saga - Admin - The PolitEnglish - Quinta 17/10/2013, 15:09

The Coliseum: Restricted Area is coming from friday october 18 at 2PM CET (8am EST) to monday october 21 at 10AM CET (4am EST).Format: A lot of forbidden characters and a 24 stars deck (12 pillz / 12 life points)40 matches to play to win one of the numerous Collector cards and clintz in play.All details available on the Coliseum page.Good luck!

Palincrono - Imperator Português
Quinta 17/10/2013, 17:06

Can someone explain to me where do i see the last ranking coliseum event? Two hours or less to the end i was in the 212 position...and i didn't got the prize to be in the top 500. Did i fell under 501 position? How can i see that? Because neither i got any notification of the prize i got...just check that there was more money in my account.
CharlesSheriff - Titan - THE_POWER Português
Quinta 17/10/2013, 17:21

Sem Desmond pra que proibir esses personagens (q função eles tem?) ->
O seu Deck não pode conter a(s) 47 Personagem(ns) seguinte(s): Charlie, Ojibway, Havok, Cliff, Logan, Ray, Wardom, Dregn, Diana, Gretchen, Jakson, Gordon, Manfred, Niva, Bryan, Maurice, Desmond, Methane, Dagg, Raeth, Yookie, Martha, Radek, Oxen, Sunder, Edwin, Olga, Ector, Tremorh, Baldovino, Bogdan, Wanda, Miken Moose, Sasha, Mindy, Wardog, Wendel, Spiaghi, Z3r0 D34d, Cyb Lhia, Artus, Hawkins, Esmeralda, Brok, Thorpah, Lumber Jack, Wonder Lana.
the master LD - Master - Piratas do Atlântico Júnior Português
Quinta 17/10/2013, 22:38

Eu não recebi o meu prêmio do último coliseum, o Mechakolos. Quando eu vou receber ele?
Alquimik - Legend - Piratas do Atlântico Português
Sexta 18/10/2013, 18:46

This rescrictions dont seem to be any near fair... let´s see.. on this week jn elo, plus the restricions this collsium aplies equals: banned fang pi clan : 0, banned Ulu Watu : 2, Banned Bangers 2, banned gehist: 8!!, banned Nightmare: 6!, and most incredible of all banned root : 11!?!?!??! really?!?!? (Shakra, Ratanah, Lou, Kiki, Jeena, gertigan, Arno, obinjway, Gretchen, Yookie and Miken Moose?!?!?!?! To spare future troubles.. you might as well ban the hole clan... cuz this is near ridiculous.. dont mean to ofend nobody but cmon!??! be fair!!
Grupo P - Imperator - Grupo Urban Rivals Português
Domingo 20/10/2013, 14:21

Gostaria que fosse cancelado a partida de ontem....
Não entrei no combate...
Visto que poderia me manter entre os 150°...
ON_QUISTIS - Admin - Carry ON Português
Domingo 20/10/2013, 22:30

Não é possível anular combates no Coliseum
Grupo P - Imperator - Grupo Urban Rivals Português
Segunda 21/10/2013, 05:20

Ok vi que não era mais possível 150°...
Pedro_Fun - Hero Português
Segunda 21/10/2013, 19:07

Ainda estou à espera dos prémios...

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