Kerry’s niece is without a doubt the cutest kid in Clint City. No one can match her kindness and playfulness that make her the delight of the clan. And as the only one able to win over the diabolical puppet, Plumpy, or take care of Andy Ld's teddy bear, Rajesh, she's quickly become an indispensable member of the Rescue clan.
  • Ieşit în vineri 19/04/13
  • Desenator: fudgegraphik
  • Carte comună Disponibil în Magazin
  • Sue is banned from Tourney
  • Nu ai acest personaj.
  • Polit arena icon Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
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Abilitatea lui Sue:

-1 Putere şi Distrugeri Adv., Min. 3

Puterea şi Distrugerile ale personajului advers scad cu 1 puncte sau până la minimum 3.



Suport: +3 Atac

Punctele de atac ale personajului Rescue cresc cu 3 puncte pentru fiecare personaj din clanul lui Rescue care se află în echipă cu el. Observaţie: nu uita că şi personajul Rescue este luat în considerare.

Prima din cele 2 evoluţii ale acestui personaj:

  • RescueSuepicture
    Putere4AbilitateAbilitate deblocată la
    Distrugeri1BonusSuport: +3 Atac
  • RescueSuepicture
    Putere6Abilitate-1 Putere şi Distrugeri Adv., Min. 3
    Distrugeri3BonusSuport: +3 Atac
62 personaje
missions icon 27 misiuni
Bonus Suport: +3 Atac
Lupta dintre clanuri a provocat haos în Clint City şi, pretutindeni, serviciile de prim-ajutor şi de urgenţă sunt pline ochi, locuitorii oraşului fiind singuri şi lipsiţi de apărare. Revoltată de această situaţie tragică, Kerry decide să creeze un Clan de salvatori de elită. Gata să facă orice sacrificiu pentru a-şi îndeplini misiunea, ei nu ezită să îi arunce în aer pe toţi cei care le stau în cale.
  • La nivelul 1: min 1 641 Clintz
  • La nivelul 2: min 2 447 Clintz
Vezi cele 53 oferte disponibile la Bursă

23 comentarii despre Sue

Vineri 18/10/2013, 15:23

The UR staff sure are sneaky...
Every time anyone threatens to Sue them, as they type it in they will be greeted by a link to an adorable little girl playing with a teddy bear! Her innocence will be too much for them to bear... smiley

Joi 03/04/2014, 09:34

Make a Plumpy and Rajesh card now UR!

Luni 01/07/2013, 12:55

I was just thinking about her vs caelus cr.
And yes , she is a caelus killer.
Caelus makes her 2 power , she makes caelus 3 power.
Sue Caelus
1 pill = 14 attack 3 attack
5 pills = 24 attack 15 attack
10 pills=32 attack 30 attack
12 pills = 36 attack 36 attack
( including free pill )

The only time caelus cr can beat her is when he puts higher pills or both put 13 pills or more.

Duminică 21/04/2013, 06:00

Andy Ld has obviously been too rough on poor Rajesh. That's it... I'm contacting PETA!

OH! There's an idea for a Roots card...! smiley

Marţi 21/05/2013, 14:40

Is it just me or is she extremely underrated?
I decided to compare her to Larry.
Larry vs Sue
Larry is a 7/3 normally vs Sue being 6/3 and reducing the opponents power by one.
This is usually better , since a low power battle is best for attack manipulators
Eg : If the opp is 12 power , +12 attack makes almost no difference. But if they are 4 power , like struck by Lothar , they need to pill thrice.
So 6/3 with -1 power is usually better than 7/3 , if you have more attack manipulation.
When struck with an SOA , larry goes down to a measly 3/3 while sue stays at 6/3.

Okay , so she is not better than any other rescue in their field , but still - time to replace your larry with her !

Rating = 8/10

Sâmbătă 22/06/2013, 04:32

wait so is she Scott ld sister

Vineri 08/05/2015, 13:56

Wow, now that I think about it, this is the white version of Doc Mcstuffins smiley

Marţi 02/07/2013, 03:01

What she is - is a 2* common mini romana. I'm not sure how it all adds up with the differences (big ones numbers wise, romana has 4 damage, more power and much lower reduction), but Romana is untanglibly awesome for me, and this is a 2* baby version in a clan where I always felt a good 2 star was needed. I suppose she'll be worth more unless copies flood the market too hard which was known to happen with newblood commons...

Marţi 16/07/2013, 14:45

cheapest card to get elo banned in history?

Luni 29/04/2013, 17:05

seems more like a parody for doc mcstuffins

Sâmbătă 04/05/2013, 07:32

sue the teddy bear stealer

Vineri 10/05/2013, 13:04

Isn't that Erpeto's killer teddy bear?

Duminică 19/05/2013, 18:11

She is very good for a little 7 year old enough to have as much power as KOLOS with her ability

Vineri 05/07/2013, 15:11

She's surely the best 2* Rescue card for Elo. smiley

Duminică 21/07/2013, 02:54

Cutest elo ban ever

Clint City, night.