offline Boing Legend  
Marţi 01/05/2012, 11:04

An icy wind, which can freeze the most stouthearted citizen, is blowing on Clint City. Their courage and valiance will be put to severe test this week. Be ready to fight!

offline KennyForce Veteran Galaxy rivals
Miercuri 02/05/2012, 18:00

Manilor dar cu ce ma aleg daca fac 50 000 000 distrugeri?

offline MOB Scarecrow Titan Masters of Battle
Joi 03/05/2012, 20:34

Nu o sa mai ai fundalu inghetat

offline KennyForce Veteran Galaxy rivals
Vineri 04/05/2012, 19:50

Lol smiley)) k smiley

offline TheFirstJ0ker Hero Gorgeous light
Vineri 04/05/2012, 22:01

: ))

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