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Vineri 12/07/2013, 11:13

Do you fancy taking a quiet stroll through Clint City on this beautiful summer's night? Well you risk falling into the clutches of a mesmerizing Piranas member or into the branches of a strange Roots tree!And be sure not to stay out too late in the city's parks as you might well be swept up by a ferocious Huracan member and then forced into the holy ring of Pile Tower to be offered up in sacrifice to the blazing sun priestess!Discover Calliope, the level 4 Piranas recruit, and Willow, the new level 2 Roots member, all adrift in the parks of Clint City. Come and meet Lobezna and Kinichaw, the level 3 and 5 Huracan fighters, for holy fights in the name of the Sun!

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