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Humanitarian Mission

Humanitarian Mission
luni 06/01/2014, 11:30
elocau - Legend English

Urban Rivals - jocul de cărţi de colecţie multijucător
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Humanitarian Mission
elocau - Legend English - Luni 06/01/2014, 11:30

Contacted by the mayor of Balgenheim, the Sentinel and the Rescue are
sending two of their best recruits to help set up an effective
administration that will serve its citizens. So Copper and Slyde are
leaving Clint City to pursue a good cause.

Back at Freaks, after one last catfight with Cassandra, Boris is also
leaving town to set up his own business in Los Santos.
As of Monday, January 13th, Copper, Slyde and Boris will no longer be
available in the shop's packs. Players who already have them in their
collections can continue to use them as normal. Sales on the Market of
the three characters are now blocked until the morning of Wednesday,
January 11th.

Find them until this date in the shop's packs.

Gogu ala mic - Hero - PHOENIX Română
Luni 06/01/2014, 14:26

Lam vandut pe Copper de o saptamana
Guuguu2000 - Senior Română
Luni 06/01/2014, 19:22

Cooper Cr=60k+
Slyde Cr=15=20k+
Boris Cr=20-25+

Urban Rivals - jocul de cărţi de colecţie multijucător

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