Urban Rivals
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02/01/2014: Code Name ToiR

02/01/2014: Code Name ToiR
vineri 31/01/2014, 18:53
elocau - Legend English

Urban Rivals - jocul de cărţi de colecţie multijucător
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02/01/2014: Code Name ToiR
elocau - Legend English - Vineri 31/01/2014, 18:59

The event will take place on 01/02/2014 (GMT+1) at 11.00pm in 6 separate
phases each lasting 1 hour and with an hour interval between them.

Help Lovelace by scoring points using the special features in each phase in the ELO, TOURNEY, SURVIVOR and DEATHMATCH rooms!

Amass maximum points to be one of the first to get hold of this new character!

publicat de elocau vineri 31/01/2014, 18:59

Urban Rivals - jocul de cărţi de colecţie multijucător

The Urban Rivals team is made by lovers of all kind of Collectibles Cards Games and Trading Cards Games like: Magic the Gathering, Dominion, Vampire, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Wakfu TCG, Assassin Creed Recollection, Shadow Era, Kard Kombat and Might & Magic Duel of Champions.

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