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Vineri 02/05/2014, 11:02

While the Sentinel continue their investigation into the Montanas’ embezzlement of funds in the construction of Clint City’s new subway system, the Bangers have organized a large protest against part of their neighborhood being destroyed by the construction site. And although the demo will be accompanied by massive concerts, disruption is still possible.

Get the party movin’ with Junkz level 2 singer, Lee Moon, or the Bangers’ level 3 hype man, Tasty Tast. The investigation is in the hands of level 4 Sentinel recruit, Irene, while any outbursts of violence will be duly dealt with by level 5 Berzerk member, Marjory.

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Marţi 06/05/2014, 12:42

Hi guys,
This is my preset.
The best and economic pack smiley please vote my deck if you like it.
Thank you so much! smiley

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