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Vineri 30/11/2012, 11:17

Ladies and Gentlemen, brought to you by the Freaks circus, the event
you’ve all been waiting for… Urban Expo 2012! As the year draws to a
close, come and visit the largest curiosity park Clint City has ever
seen! The tone is set as soon as you enter the arena. Here you will be
welcomed by Quasichoco, a very likeable but altogether revolting fellow,
especially when he’s gorging himself on chocolate bars. But if this
little "performance" doesn’t quite do it for you, go have a look at the
fancy dress parade. Performed to music mixed by Sferik the mini robot,
cast your eyes upon a whole cast of participants in sumptuous costumes,
including Eliska who has worn her yeti outfit for so long now she can’t
really tell anymore whether she's actually a human being or a wild beast
. But above all, be sure not to miss the show of illusions performed by
the monk Nekurenbo. No one knows whether he’s the monk of the legend on
everyone’s lips, or indeed whether the demon that enshrouds him during
his shows is real or not…

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