offline Kreamdly Senior  
Marţi 01/02/2011, 18:58

Welcome my friends (I don't speak Roman) smiley

offline ItZMe_Rt Imperator 2 Furious
Miercuri 02/02/2011, 15:01

Congrats with ur own forum guys smiley

offline JHRM_ Titan Zone 69
Miercuri 02/02/2011, 15:21

Bienvenue aux Roumains smiley
Même si certains ne me comprendront pas smiley


offline Destrox Szop Guru Ostatni Bastion
Miercuri 02/02/2011, 15:45

Ok,I am from poland ,I can't speak roman :

offline 0_nevo Hero  
Miercuri 02/02/2011, 16:29

Welcome to the Italian community smiley

offline HD-Kamil6 Senior  
Sâmbătă 12/02/2011, 21:40

Welcome to quebec community! smiley

offline DANYez Imperator  
Marţi 22/02/2011, 07:28

Thank you all. We are verry happy that UR think`s about romanian people that play UR. Only a couple of gramatical buggs,but i think it will be repaired. Thank you again...

offline Al3x TCA Imperator Time Conquers All
Marţi 22/02/2011, 17:03

Thanks smiley

offline GabytzaRock Senior  
Duminică 06/03/2011, 23:16

Well...thanks for welcome.even if you don't know romanian language smiley et...I0A K00l....nous te comprenons tres bien smiley

offline 0 Sprunk Imperator Street Owners
Duminică 20/03/2011, 20:48

Thanks allsmiley

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