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4 mesaje
English Saga - ultimul rトピpuns al HP-PAUL, ieri la 12:46.
Last Tuesday, the Sentinel called the managers of the Deathmatch room in
for questioning in Clint City. These individuals are suspected of
trafficking drugs, confirmed Judge Scare.

Investigations are in progress and the room will very shortly be closed to residents of Clint City!

So hurry up and complete your last missions before it’s permanently closed down!
Vineri 17/10/14

1 mesaj
The appearance of a Vortex in the middle of Clint City’s Central Park interrupted a Bangers battle and made the duck pond disappear and the main stage collapse! But Don’t panic, the Rescue clan are on their way!

Watch out for Pierce, the Rescue's crazy ambulance driver! And even though he’s injured, MC Leroy, the Bangers’ cook carries on slamming in the midst of all the general panic. Follow Bishop, the gentle Roots biker to get you out of the park because Sera M1, the robot from the future, is on hand to protect the Pussycats!
Luni 13/10/14

2 mesaje
English Saga - ultimul rトピpuns al Andr3Y11, luni 13/10, 18:47.
This year the competition was tougher than ever!

However, Nova won hands down over her stunning rivals Grace and Zoe.

Thank you to all those who took part in this event!

Find Miss Nova in the shop’s packs from 11-07-2014!
Vineri 10/10/14

4 mesaje
English Saga - ultimul rトピpuns al Saga, vineri 10/10, 20:15.
It’s been months in the offing, but finally the time has come for you to cast your votes…

And you’ll be spoilt for choice this year! Here is the list of the girls entered in the Miss Clint City 2014 Beauty Contest!

Gradymag-Carmen-Nabrissa-Betelgeuse-Samia-Mahimatah-Sasl Lovelace-Naliah-Lorea-Cleo-Liona-Tomoe-Irene-Marjory-Octana-Reeplay-Dr Copernica-Fuzzy June-Alexandrea-Grace-Lindsey-Nova-Zoe-Christelle-Ruru-Keitha-Ichiko-B16 Sestra-Dawn-Anna

You can vote via our polls available in the link below.

The girl with the most votes across all communities will be elected Miss
Clint City 2014, so… Get

You can vote from now on until 10th October at 8.00 pm!

publicat de Saga joi 02/10, 09:22
1 mesaj
We have launched our new loyalty chart features (Daily
Rewards) on mobile and tablet EXCLUSIVELY. The more you play, the more
you win!

Our app has a brand-new look! New interface & menus for an optimal experience
1 mesaj
Estalt is organizing a big party for young Orlok’s birthday. On the programme are all the usuals: games, candy and human sacrifices! All the clan members are invited to the party! But with Dudley Ld on the scent of candy in the air, the party might be trickier to manage than expected. As for Candy Jack, he's already cooking away so as to have enough candy to satisfy the beast.

Dudley Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before December 14th at 11.59pm
Vineri 03/10/14

1 mesaj
To just whom does this ancient tub of a boat that zips along like an Uppers’ yacht belong? To the Piranas of course! Setting off at high speed in search of new adventures, the prisoners are rowing hard to the sound of Sheryl cracking the whip!

In town, the Sentinel crew are trying to stop an unchained Berzerk who’s decided to bring down the columns of the Clint City court house!

And there goes Laurens, the new Piranas’ jailer in charge of the hordes of prisoners held on board. In the city, Earl is on the ground making sure the Sentinel’s weapons are in tip-top condition. As for the creature they’ve been sent to catch, he goes by the name of La Bestia and is a Xantiax- contaminated Berzerk wrestler. As well as all that, come and discover the world of Steampunk Parkour with Vera, chief athletic engineer of the Alma Mater!

Get these characters in the shop's packs

5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.
Luni 29/09/14

3 mesaje
English Saga - ultimul rトピpuns al Saga, luni 29/09, 13:38.
Did you turn up late for the event announcing the end of the Slot Machine?
If so, why not play in extra-time and with a little bonus thrown in...
This time round, your loyalty will be rewarded!

Everyone will start on an equal footing:
- As of today every player will receive tickets based on loyalty.
- All tickets NOT played by the end of this extra-time period will be permanently forfeited.

The loyalty formula is very simple: the more stars and battle points you have, the more tickets you’ll win.
The deal will end when 9.24% of all the tickets issued have been used up…

So Don’t hang around and happy gaming to you all!
Vineri 26/09/14

1 mesaj
The opening of Riotspolis has led to increasingly heavy-handed confrontations between the Riots and the forces of law and order. This is in fact a godsend for aficionados of all things mechanical such as Sylvia Ld. Always at the ready to supercharge her bike to kiss the ass of those Paradise Devil scumbags, she prepares her expedition to Riotspolis to get hold of a bit of this Coper…whatever it’s called technology.

Sylvia Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before November 30th at 11.59pm
Miercuri 24/09/14

1 mesaj
Is your guild ready to attack? If so, put together an army of your best players!
To take part in the War of the Guilds, it couldn’t be easier: enter the Coliseum room and accrue as many points as you can!
A new Guild ranking tab is now available on the Coliseum page.
best three Guilds will receive a prize as well as individual rewards
for each player. They will also gain real kudos in the UR community!
This initial War of the Guilds starts on Thursday, September 25th at 2pm and finishes a week later on October 2nd at 2pm.

So get ready. The Epic war of the Clint City neighborhoods is already in full swing in the Coliseum!
Luni 22/09/14

1 mesaj
From 09/22 to 09/29,
The Riots have availed themselves of the slot machine's reels to come up with some new inventions... and more and more of you are collecting their tickets without ever getting a chance to use them. So we've decided to replace the slots shortly with something faster, automated and beneficial to everyone (more info very soon)!

Now before its fall into oblivion, it would seem that the prospects of reaping bigger rewards have increased considerably. In order to motivate you to spend the many tickets you've accumulated, play and earn 3 TIMES MORE CLINTZ during that period.

WHAT? You're not still reading this post, are you?! Well, I know where I'd be if I were you
Vineri 19/09/14

1 mesaj
The Junkz raves are always an opportunity to put Clint City's forces of law and order to good use, especially when D4 Funk gets on stage for his fast and furious mixing.

Dozens of off-the-cuff events provide the perfect opportunity to discover the world of wrestling or maybe new sports you never knew existed!

Buy the rare catches of Ulu Watu fisherman, Pietro, or climb into the ring with Rey Mono, the Huracan’s new stick-brandishing member. And when it comes to flying on one of Weifang’s kites or admiring Junkz dancer, Dawn's amazing light show, well, just go for it!

Get these characters in the shop's packs

5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.
Marナ」i 16/09/14

1 mesaj
Take Part in the Coliseum: Draft that will run from Wednesday 09/17 at
2pm (9:00 EST) till Thursday 09/18 (5:00 EST). One Leader and one team
to be made up from a large number of cards, 32 stars max and 13 Lives/12
You’ll take part in a maximum of 35 matches in this Coliseum.
CRs, Clintz and battle points are all at stake, so make the most of it

For more information, see the Coliseum page.
Vineri 12/09/14

1 mesaj
The Free Battle has finally started and it’s in full swing! But for El Gringo and Harrow Ld, this is at last their chance to prove to each other who has the biggest… fan base. And to win yet more followers, the two giants are challenging and bringing to their knees all the opponents entering the ring. What with their kicks, throws and violent suplexes, the two rivals are managing to send three-quarters of their challengers to hospital while they eagerly await the appearance in the ring of the one and only Noctezuma.

Harrow Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before 11.59pm on November 16th
Miercuri 10/09/14

1 mesaj
Hi everyone,

As we announced a few weeks ago, we want to offer you a greater number of Clintz in the various game modes.
So now we’re taking a closer look at how things are done in ELO mode.
addition to increasing the number of Clintz won after each fight by 2,
this change will also be applied to winnings in the ranking table, as
shown below:

1st: 80,000
2nd: 40,000
3rd: 20,000
4-10: 10,000
11-25: 5,000
26+, ELO > 1,200: 2,500
26+, ELO > 1,000: 400


is a significant increase which we feel is more in keeping with recent
changes and also with those planned for the near future.

Happy gaming to you all!

publicat de Saga miercuri 10/09, 16:27
Vineri 05/09/14

1 mesaj
It has taken several months, but here he now is recharged to the max with highly combustible Copernica fuel and straight out of the Alma Mater where the Riotspolis Central is located. Having been brought up to speed by the Evolution Council regarding the situation on the surface, Pericles the Patriarch is about to emerge and put in motion his mass pacification project.

Demonic plans are hatching in the mind of Sakrohm alien, Zbuz, while B16 Sestra toils away in the shadows for her mini GHEIST master. Fortunately, we can count on Ichiko, the Fang Pi Clang miko, to soothe troubled souls. But just how does one stand up to the civilizing revolution of Riots’ Patriarch, Pericles?

Get these characters in the shop's packs

5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

New Ability : Damage +1 Per Round.

Card's Damage points increases by 1 extra point(s) with each Round. (This increase corresponds to the number of the round being played multiplied by 1)

At first Round Petricles will have : +1 Damage

At last Round he will have : +4 Damage
Marナ」i 02/09/14

2 mesaje
English Saga - ultimul rトピpuns al bossgalaxy, marナ」i 02/09, 11:31.
Tension mounts amongst the Riots and all the Clint City clans are on red alert.

There are rumors of the imminent arrival of a weighty reinforcement to the clan.

In order to welcome this new recruit, three of the Riots’ generals have decided to clear the decks of the HQ.

with Dr Copernica, Octana and Grouchy in the Survivor and DT rooms from
12pm on Tuesday 09/02/2014 till 8pm on Thursday 09/04/2014, and
multiply your wins in Clintz and Battle Points.

Each of these three characters will boost your winnings if you have them in your deck.

Dr Copernica: Clintz and Battle Points x4

Octana: Clintz and Battle Points X3

Grouchy: Clintz and Battle Points x2
Vineri 29/08/14

1 mesaj
After having tracked down the latest sample of Xantio-serum 2.0 stolen by the Rescue, Jaxx Ld has got it into his head to create an easily distributable version in the shape of a candy. His aim is to contaminate the entire population of Clint City and bring the city to its knee, which is just the sort of plan the GHEIST approve of.

Jaxx Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before November 2nd at 11.59pm.
Marナ」i 26/08/14

3 mesaje
English Espectroscuro - ultimul rトピpuns al HP-PAUL, marナ」i 26/08, 11:22.
Fate finally calls Dounia, who has to face up to it and leave Clint City.

In his wake, Sakura and Lost Hog also have to leave the town seeking new horizons.

From monday September 1st, Dounia, Sakura and Lost Hog will not be available
anymore in the shop’s packs.
Players already owning them will be able to
use them normaly. Those characters’ sales on the Market will be blocked
until wednesday August 27th morning.

publicat de Raquella marナ」i 26/08, 11:22
Vineri 22/08/14

1 mesaj
As if the problems piled upon the Government by the Riots were not enough! Back from Los Santos, La Junta arrive in Clint City stamping their boots: No Nam has decided to come and teach the city some manners! And he would have happily put the new recruits to good use if they hadn’t all disappeared off to watch the Frozn clan’s Hunter Games…

Find new Uppers heiress,Christelle, and Ronald’s assistant, James in the urban landscape. Claim the crown of the Hunter Games with Frozn recruit, Ruru, or will the title go to the surprise guest of the yeti ritual… La Junta Survivor, Keitha.

Get these characters in the shop's packs

5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

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