Several years ago the GHEIST signed a secret agreement with an extraterrestrial power to obtain help in enslaving Clint City and its gangs. Now the Order of Theus is sending one of its most ruthless emissaries to assist the evil organization in the accomplishment of its dark designs - Hriger, killer from outer space. And having got wind of his arrival, Thomy has been sent to see if he can find out a bit more about the GHEIST's plans. As for the Rescue clan, they’ve dispatched Shirley to dig up Hriger's spaceship which, according to Bertha, is buried near the Freaks circus, currently touring in her home town of Balgenheim.

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Find out about the first Clint City radio ham presented by Dj daminou.
Still breaking in, the presenters apply themselves to diversify their programs throughout the week.
Never heard of it yet ? Then don't lose one more second and check the radio station star presenter's event page http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=74066


Deck of the week

This week, DUC-Tars propose us a strong and strategic ELO deck.
The All Stars bring into play their best trumps to take back dominion over streets and ask Piranas for help. This is visually and statistically strong thanks to Harrow Ld's and Lisbeth's power. 2 stars do not lack power with Jessie and Hawkins, completed with Saki's all-female grace. Marina and Spycee
protect us from strokes of fate, just like Piranas' bonus. Andsom completes the picture by offering his Pillz-destructive help. In short, with this deck, we feel protected, and a little strategy mistake is being compensated on the following round.
Power, damages, protection… What else ?
To be quickly tried !

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It's hot since the beginning of the week: Miss Stella put back her title into play ! Check the new nominees and vote for your prefered one on our Facebook page.
Who's going to be elected Miss Clint City 2012 ? You tell us.

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