Clint City Idols

For those of you who didn't watch Clint TV last night, here's a rundown of the finals of Clint City Idol! Cherry opened the show and set the night on fire with her feminist pop songs. Stella won the hearts of all her intergalactic fans despite singing in Glinkon dialect.

And although Bianca's musical outpourings weren't a huge hit with the young, that wouldn't have stopped the judges, who'd been paid-off by the Uppers, from voting for her. But when Russel underwent his transformation and started howling at the moon, there was no doubt about it - a voice like that definitely deserved first prize!!


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Top 10

For a maximum longevity there are few little things that should never be done. Most often our common sense lets us know about those. We generally avoid jumping out of plane without a parachute, cooking a big steak and then tickling a starving lion, standing right on the point of impact of a grand piano blithely falling from the fifteenth floor. We usually don't do these things.

And yet, sometimes foolishness can be done just like in this last TOP 10: Ghumbo has been released. And in those moments, inevitably, the Nightmares leave the cemetery to invade Clint City. Ghumbo stormed the first rank followed by Pan, Phyllis and Edwin. The TOP 10 regular clans sent their best agents to flush them out of the podium... in vain. Gil managed to break through the enemy front lines and reached the fifth rank. But he had to stop to avoid the new haircut Edwin was trying to give him. Roots sent a team. Yookie and Rico ranked sixth and tenth. Come on guys, you can do far better!

The GHEIST, usually very efficient for this kind of mission, must admit that this one is doomed to failure: Arkn is only seventh. Rescue team is more realistic and has understood that once the beast is out, prevention is useless. Lea ranks eighth and is ready for a massive dressing distribution. Hawkins is ninth. He's just scouting around to know if it's better to cast off or not. Now it's up to you (and your deck): the monster has to be sent back in his sewer!

1. Ghumbo
2. Pan
3. Phyllis
4. Edwin

5. Gil 6. Youkie 7. Arkn
8.Lea 9. Hawkins 10. Rico
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Deck of the week

The sun is back, it's wonderful and it feels good! We're hopping around admiring the rebirth of nature and its explosion of flowers and colours. Ok, ok that's great. But it also means that the hay fever is back along with mosquitos. This horrible bzzZzzzZZzzz hanging around your ears preventing you from thinking properly or even worse: sleeping. The annoyance caused by a young mosquito bursting with energy is exactly what GnF-alania is inflicting on us with his Montana/All Stars combo. Irritating, it's exactly what this deck is.

First, damages are good with two shot possibilities thanks to Dallas and Randy for example. Then it will tend to ruin all your opponent's effort to win a round, clans bonus will help a lot. But most of all it offers a strategy which doesn't need too much pillz thanks to cards like Mona, Ace or Edd. Suppose your rival, after having wasted most of his/her pillz, manages to win a round. He'll come face to face with two big damage reducers: Marina and Spiaghi. BzZzzZZZzz...

The ordeal is not over yet, as if it wasn't enough to get on anyone's nerves: this deck offers a beautiful duo with Dallas and Jessie which will give you back the life points you may have lost. There we go! You're fresh as a daisy again and Dallas can do harm. Unless he has a giant fly swatter, your opponent might eat his keyboard. BzzZZzzzZzzzZz!

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Today it's Earth Day! It's high time for Clint City to check its carbon footprint, for Roots to let people taste their Pills and tofu custard pie and for Jungo to remind people that sometimes wildlife bites.To cut a long story short, We'll mix the morning dew with a bit of blood in an event which will make slaps burgeon.
Come and have fun all the afternoon in an event where 16 players will happily fight together with rapeseed oil. And don't forget phosphorus, you may need some to get in!

A new opportunity to face all the power, the ferocity, the cunning but also the charm, the intelligence, the charisma and of course the indisputable modesty of our 7 valorous admins. For the second time you'll be able to try your luck and win the jackpot. But to achieve that, you'll have to beat these 7 worshipped legends one by one. Believe me, it won't be easy.
Chin up! Try you tiny luck and join in to be kindly hammered in the tournament SEVEN.

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