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ADDENDUM - Guild Recruitment

Keep all recruitment to the designated resources. AKA - Use these message boards.

No player should be spamming others with PMs, 'recruiting' them away from another guild. Nor should players without guilds be subjected to unsolicited spam, if they never indicated that they are looking for a guild to join.

Approaching a player who is already in a guild is generally considered in very poor taste. However, sending several recruitment PMs is spam, and a clear violation of Article 6 of the Terms & Conditions.

If an existing guild appears to be inactive, it is up to the individual players to take action. They may look for a new guild. They may leave on their own and go solo. They may appeal to the admins to have a new Founder named. Extending an offer or making an inquiry is understandable. Spamming the guild roster to "recruit" is not.

This isn't an invitation for debate. No further warnings will be offered on this topic.

Thank you.


Welcome to the guild 0 negan!

thursday 11/10


monday 08/10

Join in guys!!

thursday 04/10

You guys are still kicking!
I'm glad. Good luck on your recruitment

tuesday 02/10

sunday 23/09

A big up for 'ya smiley

friday 21/09

@Dr_Sigmund thank you! smiley

Why haven't you gotten here yet?
I have been playing off and on for many years and this guild has always been a staple and welcome part of me playing the game.
Everybody come to TCA!!

thursday 20/09

Hi I am a new active player Lv12 (When I posted this lol) I am looking to join an active guild.


monday 17/09

2 messages

Join OC best guild in UR

friday 14/09

3 messages

Look no further than Open Casket smiley

We have an active community in the game, forums and a Discord chat, frequent events, a fully automated Guild Bank, and many other sweet goodies! smiley

sunday 09/09

friday 07/09

Ohh ffs wrong place sorry

monday 03/09

4 messages

Come to the Knights! We are ran by old members who made a comeback!

thursday 30/08

Haha, oh you kids at Excalibur - don't ever grow up, k?smiley

sunday 26/08

0 messages

Hi guys im returning to game again, getting more and more active each day. i like playing survivor smiley im fairly quiet and prefer to sit back in the shadows smiley

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