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saturday 20/03

wednesday 10/03

Still open!

friday 26/02

Just reach level 30 smiley to join OC

monday 22/02

"Ladies, our guild has an influx of highly trained dentists (who are just totally jacked) and need companionship! Come join us for super good times!" Then five minutes later, "Men, we have a massive influx of beach-tanned smoking hot ladies for you to meet, and they all want to know you! Come join for super good times!" Then we asked them "we thought you had an influx of men?.. He just replied with " we got a lot of applicants!

sunday 21/02

Bm for clinz

saturday 20/02

Hey Yall! Names KloUD and ive played this game when I was a teenager and just recently came back with my club to enjoy being millionaires! Join our club so we can grow together! And ill gladly help new players smiley

thursday 18/02

tuesday 16/02

Play carmine with a guild mate then split prizes.

sunday 14/02

Come join OC again smiley I am a new admin

friday 12/02

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But really, is there a way of using hacks in EFC/Tourney/Survivor? How would that work?

They always put the perfect pills to win the round or how?

monday 08/02

sunday 07/02

Join event and Join HoA win win

thursday 21/01

MoB accepting ACTIVE players

We have near unlimited resources and guidance for every aspect of the game.

wednesday 20/01

monday 18/01

thursday 14/01

Its only achieved by playing and wining club wars sir
When you win you get the option to upgrade temporarily some bonuses

wednesday 13/01

I have to trade
10 kuwaka
2x spiaghi mt
ielena mt
2xkolos mt
ratanah mt
lamar cr x3
blaaster cr x5
beef cr x 150
elya cr x 3
Marlysa cr
Manna cereri x 4
Gibson x 20
Dalhia cr x3

Ahaha, ty man. I'm a bit late but happy Halloween... Oh wait smiley

tuesday 12/01

Are you saying you want the kikis or you havve the kikis?

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