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thursday 05/07/2018

New guild looking for new people! Preferably veteran and above,but all are welcome! I will give a free Robb Cr to one randomly chosen person once 100 people join! Thank you and have fun smiley


wednesday 04/07/2018

Awesome smiley sent you a friend request dude

wednesday 27/06/2018

monday 25/06/2018

Aren't u little too positive Hoppa...smiley

sunday 17/06/2018


Hello all,

Guild link: #2060582

I made a guild for beginners...
As I found it hard to join a guild because of there Condition...
Anyone is welcome here...
Stay as long as you want...
We can share info together to survive here
We can share cards as I found about the market conditions (controled by powerful guilds) and cards are not easy to buy...

Thanks and regards...

Hello all,

I made a guild for beginners...
As I found it hard to join a guild because of there Condition...
Anyone is welcome here...
Stay as long as you want...
We can share info together to survive here
We can share cards as I found about the market conditions (controled by powerful guilds) and cards are not easy to buy...

Thanks and regards...

wednesday 13/06/2018

tuesday 12/06/2018

This is another original fanfic from me

This Fanfic is based on the adventures of the protagonists Nick Quarter a Sentinel Cop and his Daughter Penny Quarter, a researcher in Riotspolis.

In this story, they get warped to a video game called "VIRTUAL CLINT CITY FIGHTING"
Interactions on the story will be in ALL CAPS given the game does not really use small letters.
Outside of the game, normal letters will be used.
It will be a script format as though it were a play.

Events in the Fanfic will try to be faithful to the existing relationships of Clans and Characters in Urban Rivals.

DISCLAIMER: All events that are depicted in this story or purely fan-fiction and necessarily indicative of the current story of various characters depicted in Urban Rivals or by the current staff members. There will be occasional references in this fanfic.

You may leave your comments below on this Fanfic as it progresses.
Do tell me if you spot grammar errors as well. I might post more if players are interested.

-Polaris Delta-

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sunday 10/06/2018

Done. Best of luck for the Guild Manager search for XC.

thursday 07/06/2018


“This concludes today`s findings” said #Florida Jane as she presented her findings on the Relics of Los Santos. Receiving praise from some of the Skeelz Professors, she had taken a seat. Alongside #Florida Jane was Mercury who was taking pictures and making notes on their discoveries. Apparently, the Rescue were scheduled to make an appearance along with the Riots Professors. #Florida Jane however knew the real reason why they are summoned to the Skeelz academy is not to give a lecture, but rather to prevent the rising of Uchtul Cr. In the past, the Pussycats and Skeelz had formed a temporary alliance to seal Uchtul Cr, but his essence materialised to the Nightmare Manor and #Ielena Cr had successfully resurrected it. While there were no signs of Uchtul, the Skeelz professors were clearly on guard while creating an act as though they were in lecture. Even Nekron who was likely to betray the academy was on his guard and was willing to lend a hand to the Skeelz academy. After all, Butcher Braxton had betrayed him and he had a feeling that another Purgatory Guard will appear. For Nekron, it was a prediction that actually came true, one that would be unknown to the Skeelz. For Ucthul on the other hand, rest assured the resurrection will not take place. However, for such a development to be true the circumstances would have to present itself. For that however, the circumstances will have to defy logic and human reasoning as it has beyond that of a simple mind to grasp.

These circumstances could be created by having one of Caelus Cr`s books find its way back to the Skeelz academy. As these circumstances formed a premonition, the next speaker was Aristide #Pericles: The Patriarch of Riotspolis and the immortal great thinker of the 20th Century. What Pericles was about to share would bring great insight of such a level that Caelus, the retired headmaster and darts enthusiast would take the time to listen to a lecture. “The concept of immortality and to overcome death is something I have discovered with the Copernica Family and the collaboration of Van Wesel.” Having the introduction continue, Pericles had decided to talk about an intriguing concept: The concept of death achieving life and its manifestations. It would be a long winded lecture, but there were some areas that were worth thinking about in a man`s lifetime if they heard what #Pericles had to share.

“To me, death is something mankind wishes to avoid as they not fear death itself, but the thought of losing life within themselves. Death is a painless essence that eclipses the shadow of life. Science has done everything in its power to comprehend and provide logic in an intangible and immeasurable concept. Not everything can be imbued with reason, but it also requires a bit of perspective. Utilising my knowledge to preserve the human mind, collaboration and trust between the greatest minds has enabled me to create a comprehensible form of life. Immortality of the human body”,

Nekron fascinated by the Patriarch`s insight to life decided to let this thinking into his necromancy practices and wondering how far it will take the Skeelz. Caelus Cr on the other hand reflected on his aging. From this moment, #Kerry had arrived with some leading members of the Rescue on their findings. “I see Aristide, do you remember me” said a voice in Caelus Cr`s book”. Although the question was addressed to #Pericles, he was not the first to react with shock but rather #Kerry who had just arrived. There was something about the book that shocked #Kerry. Although it was a talking book that shocked #Kerry, it did not shake her compared to the voice of the book.

#Kerry the remembered that voice. “You couldn`t be, the famous human psychologist”. asked #Kerry with fear of what will happen next. “My my… how the years passed #Kerry… I take it you know me?” asked the book with the same smug confidence as a certain individual who was about to be named. “The book, having been free had said it`s name as #Kerry remembered it: “Arthur Wisteria… no Judge Arthur Wisteria Lynch” as the book laughed in a hysterical and tyrannical manner. “Ignis Faetus” said the Judge as he was free.

Reacting in shock over this development, the first thing the freed judge did was condemn #Pericles for his view of life. After all, everyone is guilty in his book. “I adopted the name Arthur Wisteria after the nameless, faceless left” said Judge Lynch as he explained the resurrection in the Skeelz academy. Jay having arrived to defend Caelus had attempted to strike the Corrupt Judge, only to be overpowered instantly. Seeing how he was the closest thing to what I was, rather than make him wait for a ticket, I decided to give Soul a Token to relive life and create the ultimate Revenge.

This turn of events was only about get as dark as the scene of life to take place.

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wednesday 06/06/2018

Not visiting Guilds anymore. It is not working out for me. I do appreciate the visits from GWN and Open Casket.

tuesday 05/06/2018

Hello, please stick to 1 recruitment topic for guild.


Highly doubt it.
Anyway kid what is your problem exactly?

monday 04/06/2018

I must thank Matrix for the invitation to visit Great White North. I`m no Canadian myself, but it is a nice offer.

I do respect their condition to put the Canadian Flag in my profile for the visit
So far I cannot say much yet as I have only visited for around 2 hours.
I will bump up their recruitment thread to raise awareness for Canadian players interested in a Guild, but a promising visit I must say.

We're a very active guild with events, prizes and a very organized Ranking system!

You gotta join now!! --> http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id:2052958

Active players only please

friday 01/06/2018

Thank you. I admit, I am heavily influenced by Kunnaki 's GHEIST Logs and ZincSpider 's Skeelz Student Reviews, where they have a similar story for Sigmund. I'm glad you like it! (Possibly more suprised that someone actually read it over a month after I posted, but what did I expect smiley )

thursday 31/05/2018

monday 28/05/2018

I'm satisfied for my guild smiley

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