tuesday 31/01/2017

Its not a SSR loving guild aways and forever right?
I will not be judje ot political views right?


monday 30/01/2017

sunday 29/01/2017

Wow awesome i have school but ill be actively playing in the afternoons is that good?

saturday 28/01/2017

Hey guys, I've heard a lot of you are wondering why I'm really cool

And if you don't believe me
I can prove it

So yeah, it has to do with how you can say anything then add smiley

And you can be cool like me!
Good job!smiley

monday 23/01/2017

Thank you smiley

friday 13/01/2017

So i tried to play on phone and the fb app wont link with urban rivals
bigger problem is the screen will say loading and get to 100% but it wont load up a battle, it goes black at that point

wednesday 11/01/2017

Hahahaha aren't you a good subdit!

Yuri lovers... UNITE!

friday 06/01/2017

Hands of he's mine!

thursday 05/01/2017

That star is epic.

tuesday 27/12/2016

Yeah ^ that is how


Change the = to a :

friday 23/12/2016

Shameless advertising right there ^.

wednesday 21/12/2016

Yeah, get the cards you use the most.

saturday 17/12/2016

Good day URers
My name is Tavien and have a guild that goes by the name of *Plush of Ingenuity*
I am looking for players who are active your level doesn't matter just as long as you are cool and willing to help us grow as a guild and build a friendship between the members.
Join if any one is interested

friday 16/12/2016

Player who has recently got back into the game over the past week a d looking for guild preferably English speaking and active

Still looking for members

thursday 08/12/2016

ROTFL! nice one king

thursday 01/12/2016

Hi i'm jadejasmine and i am interested in creating a new group. i would like circling vultures to bring people together.
if you are looking a group i would love to have you join.
link to guild guild:2056772

edited by Infiniti thursday 01/12/2016, 19:54

Ey, mate! Nice to see you again smiley. Well, HoA's opened the gates for more people once more, so seize the chance smiley.

wednesday 30/11/2016

Wait.. wait.. I need one too smileysmileysmiley

tuesday 29/11/2016

Im closing this thread soon.. Looks like we are making some major dips in the requirement..

@KFC guy, mean while you can visit XC and spam there if u want.. smiley

edited by 0 Arrogantaldo- tuesday 29/11/2016, 01:39

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