sunday 24/06/2012

Join darkness prevails today!
a great guild for players of all levels!

Join Dtermination smiley

saturday 23/06/2012

Well, I. Any send you messages, and I forgot how to invite. smiley Just apply for the guild and I'll gladly accept you. smiley

Sorry for the broken link! smiley
For newcomers,
This is The New Era Of The Pirates,
Common, join our guild! smiley

Who wants a bear hug??
We chase goldilocks away..
But we want more bears....
so if you are small, big, or medium...
join Bear Hug (BH)


friday 22/06/2012

I just created my own guild and it's named BLOODWORKS . I hope I'll get a lot of members.. I'll definitely work hard to become a good guildmaster.. thank you!

Your guild already has a recruitment thread, please use it and stop making new ones every 2nd day. Thanks smiley

wednesday 20/06/2012

Join Strawhat Pirates if you are interested. We are a pretty tight-knit guild and we think our guild is a fit. The guilds link is


Please do not make a new recruitment thread every second day, use the current one smiley

Please stop making new recruitment threads every second day, and use the current one smiley

tuesday 19/06/2012

You can join my guild, requirements couldn't be any easier. smiley

im a active player and i like to talk and yeah....thats it if anything ill raise the activity up on your guild

Lowering it to at least level 10!
Must be active though!

monday 18/06/2012

Still need more members so come help us get better than before!




sunday 17/06/2012

Join guild/?id:1720036, Just another fun and exciting guild. smiley

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