saturday 12/05/2012

Thanks, everyone!
I've made my decision.

friday 11/05/2012

Its new requirments since we were getting so many members. smiley Please don't be a debby downer now.


The Flames of Purgatory is a new guild that will offer many aspect for example a guild market and a guild lottery. The Flames of Purgatory is still a really new so we will need for players but if gain enough player what will be able to do is have guild tournaments were we will face and the the winner get a prize for example a card or a multiple amount of cards
Join The Flames of Purgatory if you want to become a part of this legion

thursday 10/05/2012


Hey everyone,

I'm trying to get this guild off the ground - I named it the Pit Stop because my idea for the guild is that players who bounce from guild to guild ("guild-hoppers"smiley can come visit and can stay for as long or as short of a time as they like. Basically, you come to visit and post on the message board and meet new people, you make some UR friends, and you keep moving.

Unfortunately, over the years pretty much all of my friends have stopped playing UR so I am also looking for people who, like me, want to see the variety of people cycling through and chat with them. If you think you would like to stick around for a while, join right up! There are *no restrictions whatsoever*, except that jerks aren't allowed. smiley

So why not join? if you are looking for a guild, apply to the Pit Stop and chat with us, and when you do find another guild, we don't care if you leave. No commitments, no restrictions, just a bunch of guild-hoppers and friendly players hanging out.

PM me for more info~ smiley

Guild:1618055 Join this one. Very chatty, active, small guild that I recommend to quite a few people around your level and I haven't had any complaints back yet... Run by a couple of friends of mine, they're very "tightknit", I highly doubt you'd be disappointed with what they have to offer in their guild.

wednesday 09/05/2012

Aidan's Guild of Friendliness (A.K.A AGOF) is a friendly guild where we attack whoever dares to attack us.In our fourms,as well as fun games to play,we also have a fourm where you can list who attacked you and we will take care of him in no time.Our guild wants to make sure noone is inactive,so if you are gone for more than a week,you are banned.In any case that you will have to be gone for a while,please message me.As I would like noone to be a higher level than me (Curse you Pride...),I will let anyone below my level join my guild.Do not Worry,I will level up as soon as possible.Come and join us,one of the best guilds suited for newbies!

tuesday 08/05/2012

Join now as a Avenger? or don't but regret forever? smiley AxS RULES so JOIN NOW ! ! !

Ah lame thought I did it right! Thanks for putting it there! smiley


calling all pinoy UR players!!!!

vicious_ guild is revived once more to take over the urban world

all members should be active and lvl 28+

join us now

monday 07/05/2012


We are now level 15, and in another week or so we will be level 16!!!!

We are still growing, though now we are eliminating all inactive players under the level 15!

Wonderful guild with wonderful people. Especially, our guild master.
We have all sorts of Guild Events beyond just battling ones thought up by very creative admin...

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sunday 06/05/2012



saturday 05/05/2012

Need players to join any level is good the clan is for competition and building skills players must be active and put LW in name so if your looking for fun then please join

CORRECTION: the link should be

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