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monday 05/06/2017

Final message gang.

I love y'all peoples.

sunday 04/06/2017

But... but... I thought we had something Azeem, why you break my heart smiley

tuesday 30/05/2017

This is where I will test the newer capabilities and functions of the UR chat and message system. It will remain locked and only admins may unlock it to post. This will be to test the limits of the UR system and report bugs once found. Also to occasionally have some fun. If you find a bug in chat report it then let an admin know to unlock the thread so that you may explain it and see if anyone can recreate it. If we can recreate bugs and report them fast then we get a better game.

monday 22/05/2017

We have both. Welcome home. smiley

sunday 21/05/2017

wednesday 10/05/2017

I havent fully introduced myself yet, im just getting started. It might take me a few years to fully express myself

tuesday 09/05/2017

Closing this .
I see that u are out of LoA..
Can re open when u make a guild in 1st place

Just use the most overpowered cards and you'll win.... just try your hardest and if you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. and if you don't succeed once more, just quit the gamesmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

wednesday 03/05/2017

wednesday 26/04/2017

Couldn't have phrased it better myself, Sahil smiley

thursday 20/04/2017

Yeah! That works. So: Join guild:2057923 now and you will receive an all exclusive "Welcome to Black Clown!" and if you also bring a friend, you will also receive a "Thank you!" So join us today and be a legend! smiley

wednesday 19/04/2017

saturday 08/04/2017

https://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=2057851 Recruiting any and all players that want to join. Also need an admin for the guild with experience and knowledge of the game.

friday 07/04/2017

Still looken for more members.

thursday 06/04/2017


Your guild either doesn't exist, or had a name change!


tuesday 04/04/2017

Well... MOB has a kawaii pototo. Me smiley

Je suis une kawaiii pomme de terre!

sunday 02/04/2017

Well the other way to play is go to the bottom of the page and download the beta, just unzip it and play it on your desktop nice and easy but make sure you have an account becuse you can simply login with facebook there

friday 31/03/2017

Don't spam others thread Shadow Joker!

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