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thursday 29/03/2012

We would be honored to have you as a member of our guild. We are small, and just starting out, and hope you will join us to make our guild even better. Our average level is probably 20 to 25, with a few on each end of the spectrum. I value respectfulness in our members above all else, and that is our only real restriction. We are just starting to do some events and small, fun contests that you may enjoy. Nothing is mandatory, and you have complete autonomy in our guild.

I am looking for players of any level at this time. New players who would like to be a member of a guild with no requirements and veteran players who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience to help the rest of us out. I would really love someone who has had some experieince in event creation, as I am just starting to create them, and have lots of great ideas....

wednesday 28/03/2012


good luck

tuesday 27/03/2012

monday 26/03/2012

Check us out, http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id:1262948

New guild, and it looks good, I recommend it to all new players.

sunday 25/03/2012

Hello my friends and Urban Rival players!

Let me please introduce my new guild; guild:1651470

We are the Sub-Guild from the very sucessful german The High & Mighty guild.

With the help and support of our friends we try to become an international guild in the future. At the moment we got no requirements to your level or playtime. Even if it would be great if you play at least your 30 matches per week.

There will be events and tournaments against the german guys. And if we got enough active player, there also will be cards to win smiley

So please come and joins!

The High & Mighty (US), the new star on the Urban Rivals heaven!


Is there any way I can join? I'm only lvl 8 but I've only been playing like 3 hours I like the game I'll deffinatly be an active player an will be up to lvl 15 in no time!

saturday 24/03/2012

Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley

friday 23/03/2012

hot logo UR 31 messages

Almost at level seven, amongst the top 50 guilds in the U.S and top 1000 throughout the world. Help us rise to new heights and make our mark in the Urban RIvales universe

-YMCMB- nuff said smiley


thursday 22/03/2012

wednesday 21/03/2012

Yes this is a great guild, it's a must to join Vicious Salvo

Hey silvach i think its your time to shine in UR smiley we will help so join our guild heres the link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=1523350 smiley

tuesday 20/03/2012


Level 15+ (if you are a lower level, you may ask to join. you may or may not be accepted)
Fun an Active please!

Contact saveria if:
1.) You have questions/suggestions
2.) You would like to be an "event manager"
3.) You would like to be an administrator
4.) You would like to be a recruiter for the guild

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