monday 06/02/2012

I have found an active guild ty!

sunday 05/02/2012

You already have a recruitment thread with the same info smiley

Immortality (like miss sky said)
It says u need 2 be at least lvl 20, but u could talk 2 the admins (hint, hint: miss sky)

Our guild - Australian Card Ragers - Are looking for active members, we would love to help you with the game and with all sorts of other things, request to join and we will accept you smiley

saturday 04/02/2012

Sorry for the last post, it if makes it to the boards that it, I forgot to add the link. So I am going to make a new one, (this one) and add the link. Anyway this is something that I have been working on for about thirty minutes and if you guys think it's cool and want more I would be happy to finish it out and make more! So here is the link to the page.

Looking for former members of Dark Carnival Guild of Juggalos if possible

OFFICIAL TRAILER: ✫✫✫✫✫✫☆ ☆✫✫✫✫✫✫

Be Goombas, be KOG!

We are looking for a Moderator who speaks English quite well.

We are trying to form an International guild.


I'm waiting for you! smiley

Looking for anybody that want join any lvl

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I would like to join as well and get some help.

friday 03/02/2012

Join us if you are over level 30....

We need members who like a challenge, we are recruiting new players that will make us a powerful force on Urban rivals.......................

If this sounds like you and you are up to the challenge then Join US today smiley

thursday 02/02/2012

We may not have many member yet, but the more that join the more we will get smiley

wednesday 01/02/2012

Plz join my guild

monday 30/01/2012

Come join Pure Clans! An active clan, we focus on using one clan in a deck, excluding leaders smiley

Come over to Pure Clans. Esspecially if you use only one clan in a decksmiley

I just joined. I was invited and have started to browse the forum. As it stands, Mr. M has been honest in his depiction of his guild. I don't intend to be a "Full Time" player nor am I starved for levels. I like to take my time and learn a game. Thanks to him breaking the glass roof of the level I am able to work at my own pace and not be stuck in Death Match to catch up to some other guilds requirements. I had applied to another guild, who had expected me to be lvl 33 by Tuesday or the lvl requirement would go up. I'm brand new to this game. I Have Work! I like to have more then 10 seconds to take my turn! Just some things to consider before letting another guild make you go thorough their Hazings!

sunday 29/01/2012

One of the few restrictions I do have is that you must speak English, and we are a US based guild. And by the way, we focus mainly on deathmatch and survivor, but compete in all.


Well if you are come join Snurfs.

Snurfs is a great fun guild with constant free card competitions and more!

Every month there is a chance to win a card and check out the message board for ELO stratergies, Presets, and Everything you could need!

if your interested plz sign up we take everyone over lvl 10 and are always open for recruitment!

Sign up, make new friends, win cards, learn more about UR and just have fun!

saturday 28/01/2012

So, surveys dont count?

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