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sunday 29/01/2012


Well if you are come join Snurfs.

Snurfs is a great fun guild with constant free card competitions and more!

Every month there is a chance to win a card and check out the message board for ELO stratergies, Presets, and Everything you could need!

if your interested plz sign up we take everyone over lvl 10 and are always open for recruitment!

Sign up, make new friends, win cards, learn more about UR and just have fun!


saturday 28/01/2012

So, surveys dont count?

Dragon Bone Heroes is a fairly small guild, but I am hoping to get the guild community going. The next 4 people to join will become admin. We will host tournaments and have little contests.

Here is the link : http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=1593552

friday 27/01/2012

Looking for more active people of any level and nationaity who want to learn/hone their Urban rivals skills to someday help this guild achieve elite status within the UR community. If you're a serious gamer or just a weekend warrior come Chill with sup fresh to discuss anything and everything (The guild message boards are a safe place)

Click below to apply

Check out the trend. we have a really active forum and many great elo players smiley

Sounds like a good guild, application put in smiley

thursday 26/01/2012

We offer competition and events for all our players, as well as good advice on how to the play the game in our forums created by our experienced admins. If you are looking for a place to chat and get to know us then our forums are the key for you. We are friendly and we always seek new members who can atleast be active once a week smiley We're also striving to become one of the best Guilds the UK has to offer!

smileyJoin if you meet our requirementssmiley

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wednesday 25/01/2012

Join Pure Clans currently only 1 person smiley

Do you like My Little Pony? Friendship is Magic? MLP:FiM? Hasbro? Whatever other way I can word the series produced by Lauren Faust? If so join our guild! Our guild is fun, active, and growing by the minute! If you like ponies, this is the guild for you! We are an English speaking guild, but only due to lack of translators. Everyone is welcome. Join today!

tuesday 24/01/2012

monday 23/01/2012

As my fellow guild members say, if your looking for a good guild, take a look at ours, if your interested, you're more than welcome. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

sunday 22/01/2012

If you want to be in a guild that rewards activeness, then look no further! DvF is the place for yousmiley

saturday 21/01/2012

Thanks Artemis for the hyperlink smiley

Join up now guys! I'm looking for active members and a few admins smiley

Also a good idea to make NP-(nickname) to show ur affiliated with us!!!

friday 20/01/2012

Come, new players, and find the rules of the game simplified in our private forums! smiley

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