monday 14/11/2011

sunday 13/11/2011

English speaking guild new to Urban Rivals which is looking for new active dedicated members to get the ball rolling. Have big aims for the guild and the players who join, Veteran players here to answer questions and give tips to anybody who needs tips. If your interested in joining apply here guild:1519996 and if you have any questions please feel free to contact as I'm a lot of the time available.

saturday 12/11/2011

You should join the Party Crasherz smiley
Everyone in our guild has equal power in it, Admin or not.
We respect all players, and we never jugde a player by their level.
You should join. smiley

friday 11/11/2011

Join up while you can.

Hi! I am quite new to this game but i already think it's awesome.

I'd like to invite you to join my guild and together we can further our experience as well as help each other become better Urban Rival players. :]

We're going to be a friendly, active and helpful guild! Any questions? Just feel free to private message me.

Guild link:

wednesday 09/11/2011

You know I gotta throw up another Bump for us! Oh Yeah! smiley

tuesday 08/11/2011

Ahh forgot the link to the guild thanks TnT_MeRm smiley

Hello ! smiley

smiley Pirate of the Seven Seas smiley is a newly made guild that was made to bring together people who
play this game to make progress in it and have fun while doing it. smiley

Only thing I really require from the people who wish to join us is motivation to advance in this game, willingness to help other guild members and positive attitude towards others.

Despite being Pirates of the Seven Seas I don't require you to use a piranha deck altho it's a plus if you do :>

Looking forward to getting some great people to join our ranks smiley


Sincerely yours,
Pessimisti, Leader of Pirates of the Seven Seas smiley

monday 07/11/2011

One of the best guilds around! Some of the coolest ppl i know as well =D
Great sportsmanship during events
Active guild members!
Send your application you wont regret trying out immortality!

Recruited 6 new players in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smiley



sunday 06/11/2011

I'd really like to thank u guys for taking me in. It's hard to find a good English speaking guild at my level.

You looking for a guild? Want people to know your beast? Want to show that you own? Join the Party Crasherz!!! We will take any level, as long as you are an active player. We also hold raffles and events just for the guild members, just check the message board. Join the Party Crasherz now, and aim for the best!!!


When you play poker you probably know equity calculators like pokerstove. Is something similar available for UR?
It should work something like this:
You enter your and your opponents n cards and how many pills each player has left and it calculates how probable it is for you to win this situation(just brute forcing every possible combination of cards and used pills/fury for every remaining round).
I just did some calculations about the complexity of the problem and calculating every possible outcome for 4 known cards against 4 known cards looks very doable, although I'm not so sure about the usefulness of that information because of the game theoretical differences between poker and UR.
Does anyone know a tool doing anything like that or does anyone have some comments to spare about the usefulness of this approach for analyzing the effectiveness of a given deck against another?

saturday 05/11/2011

Bump, c'mon guys, join up now smiley

thanks grave, if you know some active players in need of a guild, send one our way smiley

Penguins really are evil. lol

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