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sunday 04/12/2011

We are looking for active players to join the slackers



saturday 03/12/2011

Come join a developing guild!
there are weekly and daily prizes!smiley

friday 02/12/2011

Thanks. Any idea on how to invite people? I couldn't figure it out.

Ahahahha lol

Recruited =D

thursday 01/12/2011

Why don't you give URBAN MADNESS a try.

wednesday 30/11/2011

I thank all of you who made offers, either here or Pm'd me. I hope I made the right decision and I wish all of your guilds the best of luck.

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tuesday 29/11/2011

This guild is awesome, I encourage anyone who want to learn the game to join. Here is the link


To all SG-eans:

Wanna join us and be within the top guild in SG?

If you're level 15 and above, play ELO weekly... feel free to be part of us. I'm encouraging all SG-eans to compete in ELO, let our small country compete with the world ~ smiley

What Fool Dare Stand Before Knight Spawn?
Everytime A Fighter Withdraw From A Match
Before The First Card Is Played, To Me That
Is Respect For GrandMaster Knight Spawn....
Clintz City Greatest Hero)).

monday 28/11/2011

Consider joining Limit Break. Check out our main page and see if we're the right fit for you. We're an established, respected, tight-knit guild. Thanks.

Join shrine to the lost link beside my name

Hahaha wicked i know smiley

Woohoo finally reached 10 members. were still growing so please. Apply.

sunday 27/11/2011

We can use anybody now matter what level.

Still recruiting. Check us out today.

Anyone have any questions message me

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