sunday 06/11/2011

You looking for a guild? Want people to know your beast? Want to show that you own? Join the Party Crasherz!!! We will take any level, as long as you are an active player. We also hold raffles and events just for the guild members, just check the message board. Join the Party Crasherz now, and aim for the best!!!


When you play poker you probably know equity calculators like pokerstove. Is something similar available for UR?
It should work something like this:
You enter your and your opponents n cards and how many pills each player has left and it calculates how probable it is for you to win this situation(just brute forcing every possible combination of cards and used pills/fury for every remaining round).
I just did some calculations about the complexity of the problem and calculating every possible outcome for 4 known cards against 4 known cards looks very doable, although I'm not so sure about the usefulness of that information because of the game theoretical differences between poker and UR.
Does anyone know a tool doing anything like that or does anyone have some comments to spare about the usefulness of this approach for analyzing the effectiveness of a given deck against another?

saturday 05/11/2011

Bump, c'mon guys, join up now smiley

thanks grave, if you know some active players in need of a guild, send one our way smiley

Penguins really are evil. lol

friday 04/11/2011

You meet the entry requirement for URBAN MADNESS. smiley

Well, it's decided then! I'll join UM.

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Please use the Strategy & Tactics: General Forum smiley

Please use the Strategy & Tactics: General forum smiley


thursday 03/11/2011

Every guild will say the same thing and talk themselves out. I'd like our numbers to talk for themselves. If you'd like to be in a tight-knit, high quality, genuinely active guild that turns down more than 80% of its applicants (we're not one of those guilds who takes just anyone to increase our numbers) please consider checking us out.

Best of luck to you on your guild search!

URBAN MADNESS now has points in every upgrade (which don't involve being level 15) and we are nearly level 15 as well at which stage i will add a point into one of the level 15 slots.

So why don't you pay us anuther visit you might even decide to stay for quite a while. smiley

Hello, I am looking for a nice well organized guild that I could join. Im looking for more of a serious type of guild full of good players not some unactive guild that just lets any random person into it. My win ratio isnt that good right now because I started out badly but since I remade and organized deck I havent lost.

Yeeeeeeeahhhhhh my diabolik's friend smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

All levels and abilities welcome. Just make sure you have a good fair play ranking.

A very fun n relaxed guild 2 be in

wednesday 02/11/2011

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tuesday 01/11/2011

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