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saturday 29/10/2011

Thanks for the invites guys... but finally my application to Wise Men Distracted were accepted... im very grateful for your offers sir/mam.

friday 28/10/2011

Army of one. Building up guild bonuses for active players that like to go at it alone. We won't be bugging you. Saving up points for free ticketing, clintz bonus, and tax cuts. C ha-ching! Recruiting now! Click to join. Spammers will be kicked.


You can probally gess that my link was ment to be URBAN MADNESS.

We are open for everyone, we do not demand minimum plays or level or level up.
We are a big company of users and we seek to unite all loners out there under a huge family of users that can take the benefits of a guild without being limited or forced to do or not to do things.
We expect you smiley


You should check out Immortality

thursday 27/10/2011

Keep on coming smiley

We are looking for players that want gulid bonuses. Our gulid will focus on providing these bonuses. To that end, there is no level minimum, or guild participation requirements. We expect nothing but activity from you. If you are looking for a guild that will leave you alone, we are the one to join.


Thanks for all the offers. Are any more guilds before we pick a guild?

Sorry link supposed to be Hidden Power Within


Im looking for a collectors guild I rarely play but i would like to talk cards, trade cards, play once in a while....but more so collect than anything. Also a laid back guild I don't like being hassled about UR I have a life outside of this lol.

I'm a collector and I rarely play as much as I used to but I do have some nice CR cards and im looking for a guild that likes to collect...since that is the aspect I care more about.


wednesday 26/10/2011

Looking for new recruits. Everyone is welcome. Find the guild here.

More people, more fun
UM is on the run smiley

Your guild already has a recruitment thread, please use it smiley


Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley


If you have not found a home yet, I have recently started a new guild that I am very excited about. In guild:1501352 we accept the new and the old of Urban Rivals lore. The mission behind guild:1501352 is to be able not only help newer players get a feel for the "battlefield," but also share ideas on what makes a great deck, secrets on gameplay, etc.

tuesday 25/10/2011

Join Refuse To Lose, active fun guild with lotteries and guild events wid fun message board posts smiley

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