tuesday 20/09/2011

Now now XD dont be shy not even 1 came to our guild from here yet

monday 19/09/2011


Team Earth is always open to anyone and everyone
We have admin spots open
Join Today

This is our last day >_< I guess people are intimidates... im looking at you Artemis XD you know your guild would fall to the might of the children >_> we will defeat you in a glorious Waaaaagh as the orks would say XP you know you dont wanna be in the BrainZtorm anymore XD jkjk... but... I think its time to knife some throats if ya catch my meanin'

sunday 18/09/2011

Join because everyone else is telling you too.

saturday 17/09/2011

30...? smiley
does this mean im out...?smiley

Join now its a great guild

We would love to have you here smiley

We can take you now if you want smiley

friday 16/09/2011


Ielena walked to her safe house and she was greeted with a rock liked creature. “Dwain! Where are you! Are they ready!”

A cloaked man walked out from a corner. “Not yet mistress. It will take approximate 3 more months for it to be ready.”

“Finally… With the Montana out of the picture… all is going according to plan…” Ielena let out an evil laughter.

Killer115Ultra...... this thread is FOUR YEARS OLD ???

Hey all, I've just hit level 30 and I decided it was time to look for a guild. I have wanted to join one for a while, but it seems most respectable guilds require lvl 30+ at least to join.

I'm almost 20, so most age requirements do not apply to me. I'm quite active, and frequently rank in the top 100 players per day, as i have a lot of down time between classes and work. I do not play every day, but do play most. I quit for a while in the past, and came back to find my 2 tanaereva had gone CR. this has enabled me to have a decent collection for my level. I also have no problem with spending a few dollars on the game.

I'm looking for a guild that is reasonably active, respectable, and is interested in improving + growing. English speaking is a must, as I value communication, and I'm afraid im not fluent enough in any other languages to carry out a detailed discussion.

If I fit the bill of what youre looking for in a recruit, hit me up!

thursday 15/09/2011

wednesday 14/09/2011

You can also check out D-Versified. We have a very diverse group of individuals some specializing in how to play the market, some ELO experts, DT pros, and some wacky people. Great group of people to spend your UR time with. We have active forums, some great in-guild events and just fun.

I m going to the BrainZtorm guild will give it a shoot smiley

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monday 12/09/2011

We are still recruiting for those who are still looking for a guild, this may be the guild for you.




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