monday 22/08/2011

Hello, I'm Kaze.

I am a level 43 currently looking for a guild, I recently left Heavens Drift Academy due to them not seeming to need my help and advice, I am looking specifically for a smaller guild for which I can help with deck building and be an adviser.
I would prefer not to be Admin in it though I have some experience in it from being a guild leader in other games so I will help in that capacity if needed.
I currently hold all the nightmare cards besides the CRs, all Piranas, All Vortex, All Jungo, and a variety of other cards, though my specialty lies in the stop bonus clans.
I am fairly active, generally on at least once or twice every week.

If interested please contact me, I am "in the market" as it were for a guild and have ask around about a place or two but for the most part I want to go somewhere I am needed at least to an extent, I don't want to be the fifth wheel.


Good luck daimere smiley

sunday 21/08/2011

Harbingers of Ares..... another fantastic guild. Join Today smiley

saturday 20/08/2011

We've been active, alright. We're waiting to get 40 people to make our first event and Im actually not the only person talking on the message boards, finally smiley Well, I hope you do well in Urban Madness, C ya Haggi.

friday 19/08/2011

We are looking for level 20 plus or if you are lower well fight if you win u r in if not then sorry. we want active people who participate in the board and like to have fun we really hope you consider us

thursday 18/08/2011

Closing this topic, do not air personal grievances in this manner

Think you got sea legs?? Then come join the crew of high seas!! smiley were a laid back guild so apply today!

wednesday 17/08/2011

Hello players, this is Shigi-kun, Master and Founder of the Neko Dreams Guild. Due to the guild being deleted for an unknown reason we are currently recruiting new players. Here's what you can expect from us:

-Active and fun guild
-Accepting any and all players of any level
-No player requirements

Hope to see you soon! Dreams

Join BrainZtorm smiley Top 400 guild, Good Admins, Good Leader. We have an active chat and message boards and I always accept quedtioms and resolve issues, so just contact me smiley If you have a guild by the time this is submitted, sorry for bothering you.

[RECR] + Knighted Order of Angels
We are open to everyone. A new and upcoming guild.
Right now we only offer advice, company and a place to call home but once we get enough people we'll start tournaments, and prize give a-ways!!! smiley
Only 2 rules: Respect other guild members and stay active (at least once every 3 days)


To apply click the below link


Don't worry praxie, i won't flame your recruitment threat (albeit i have a pretty good reason to do so), instead i'll just give you a slogan:

let praxie join your guild, he'll do the same in your guild as he did in card dimensions.

Thanks Mods for Posting! join guild:1441857 today guys!

tuesday 16/08/2011

Join up chiquitas and chiquitos!! smiley

Unfortunately my old guild got cancelledsmiley so im looking for a new guild with a active staff (dont worry im active) im a lajunta type 1 player with a sub vortex type 1 deck im only lvl 24 im very smart good at math, senior rank but only because i sold most of my starter cards for a better deck im currently looking for guild and willling to join mostly any if ure a high lvl requirement guild id be more then happy to demonstrate my deck and skills fell free to check my profile for other factsim not picky i'll join any guild but i will pick the one that is the best rank last but not least and the most important thing is I ONLY JOIN AMERICAN GUILDS that is all

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