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thursday 22/09/2011

@Predator, Kash, Gamble and Immortality

Thank you very much for your interest. If things do not work out for me I will be more than interested in looking further into each of your guilds. As for now, I'll try out The MOB and see how I fit.

Once again, thanks!

wednesday 21/09/2011


tuesday 20/09/2011

Currently recruiting any level UK only players feel free to join us for a friendly new guild.

Feel free to join but you need to be active. We just kicked a third of the entire guild for in activity.

O.C 80 is a fun, laid back guild looking for new recruits of all levels and anyone is welcome to join. Stress free environment and just out to have fun and win a few games. Sign up now!!

One of the most active guilds here in UR
we currently have lots of giveaways and stuffs
click here: URBAN MADNESS

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Now now XD dont be shy not even 1 came to our guild from here yet

monday 19/09/2011


Team Earth is always open to anyone and everyone
We have admin spots open
Join Today

This is our last day >_< I guess people are intimidates... im looking at you Artemis XD you know your guild would fall to the might of the children >_> we will defeat you in a glorious Waaaaagh as the orks would say XP you know you dont wanna be in the BrainZtorm anymore XD jkjk... but... I think its time to knife some throats if ya catch my meanin'

sunday 18/09/2011

Join because everyone else is telling you too.

saturday 17/09/2011

30...? smiley
does this mean im out...?smiley

Join now its a great guild

We would love to have you here smiley

We can take you now if you want smiley

friday 16/09/2011


Ielena walked to her safe house and she was greeted with a rock liked creature. “Dwain! Where are you! Are they ready!”

A cloaked man walked out from a corner. “Not yet mistress. It will take approximate 3 more months for it to be ready.”

“Finally… With the Montana out of the picture… all is going according to plan…” Ielena let out an evil laughter.

Killer115Ultra...... this thread is FOUR YEARS OLD ???

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