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wednesday 31/08/2011

Delete, I dont think The Troublemarkerz is a guild anymore.


tuesday 30/08/2011

one of the most active guilds here in UR smiley

monday 29/08/2011


Join us please every one in the guild is very nice as for events we have lots of them overall we are a guild with a lot of fun things to do lost paradox ftwsmiley

sunday 28/08/2011

Heyy im guild founder and Leader of the not so amazing guild The UK Magic Rockerz ( Check us out! )
Im here to tell u this so that U! can make a change to the guild. We can point out that U! Were the hero of the day giving are guild back its hope and honour. We need a new co-Leader. To help out
My wishes: Join the guild D
PS. We are currently looking for a guy who has perfected the art of computing ( We need someone to make a banner for us, Much needed thx
Guild Link ; http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=640692

Sup My names Elmo

Im an experienced and good player I play Roots/Piranha Deck T1 Only I hate T2
Im active im on everyday and I like to play UR

I play in DT's All the time I came 26th as my best ever when i was only level 11 and more following about 20 scores in the top 100

I want a guild thats active nice has prizes or competitions and an extremely active message board for an overall good quality of players

Thanks and please PM me or post here as to why I should Or would want to join your guild.

saturday 27/08/2011

Hey, there Gorilla black, if your looking for a home, Divine-Shadow-Knights are always welcoming new recruits, we maybe new, but were fun friendly and active if your interested stop by and submit your application today. -Death-Star


Im trying to

friday 26/08/2011

Uhm.... Is Sublime dea?

The hyperlink does not work on the title... hence why no one else does it. smiley

thursday 25/08/2011

Good luck Titan smiley

My Notable Stats

Top Positions:

3rd in Daily Tournament
1199 Record ELO Rating
5 Wins in Survivor
Mostly Play Deathmatch but play Daily Tourneys on Friday. ELO when I like the bans

What I am Looking for:

Active Guild
At least 3 months old
Requirements to get in: I dont want a guild that is just getting restarted, and therefore just grab anyone and everyone they can.


Be Apart Of Divine-Shadow-Knights today!
Make friends, don't go it alone.
8 people strong and growing.
Why wait come join now send in an application and you too can become a Divine Shadow Knight.
Still in the recruiting stage, anyone with any skill, any level can join!
Join now before you miss out on an opportunity that may pass you by.

Wow, talk about someone taking the "literal". Here's my attempt at helping:

My favorite guild

wednesday 24/08/2011

Sorry Elmo for everything, honestly :/

BZ Developing, We have a pretty good environment over there smiley Check it out, Elmo.

This doesnt belong on Guild/Recruitment message boards, Sorry.

I am not on computer much, but you can use them for "Slot Machines" For a chance to get 10,000 Clintz.

Now pleasee close this as the pertains nothing relevant to Recruiting or guild searching smiley

Yes i use google translate my english is slow. Now i write with my english. xD

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