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sunday 14/08/2011

You are still the founder of your own guild?

saturday 13/08/2011

Any beginer player please join Roger's Palaced where u will get help and events willbe hosted every month

Why not join The Brothers of Imperial Knights. You would be very welcomed smiley
But if not I hope Urban Rivals goes well for you

We are the Megatrons aslo knnow as the transformers and we help the earth from our enemies that try to destroy Earth so join so we can battle the enemies and save the world!
Requirements: Level 20+ United States of American Flag, & Green Face or better.
Active and must post in our forums!
Join us now so you wont be all alone anymore and be in a friendly guild

My entire time playing, I didn't see that you could introduce yourself here!

If you started reading this, by all means, finish.

I can remember when I started this game, I bought nimestiec by accident, and use the sakrohm clan for 500 battles before my first credit purchase. Afterwards, I figured out I had the freedom of switching clans as much as I wanted (at the cost of lots of clintz). I eventually setteled down with Berzerk, buying all the cards so far in the clan (Save for taylor, hoping the price will drop).

I review cards, you may have seen some of them. They're kinda lengthy, I normally ramble on about stuff for no real reason. I'm full of words.

And that's about all I have to say for right now. I don't have an obscene amount of friends on UR right now, so if anyone wants to add me...

If you get too level 30 join Refuse to Lose!


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Join Refuse To Lose!


We will give you one week in the guild to get to level 30!

Hey man can you add me now

friday 12/08/2011

*cough* smiley, I think you are having fun looking around JP and we are happy for you.

Wicer, we would be most pleased if you visited us here at Vicious Salvo

thursday 11/08/2011

Newcomer or anything join if you please,

Join and don't be a loser smiley

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Stranger And Strangers is currently recruiting new members any and all looking for a guild feel free to apply.
I'm looking for Admins, Active members and new players to help with the game.
We'll talk strategy have contests and activities just about everyday when I'm though building up this guild.
here's the link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1436562

see you soon!

wednesday 10/08/2011

This is gonna be a guild for people who are tired of classic guilds join today

The Forgotten Brotherhood is a great guild to join. Every in the guild helps each other without hesitation so if you ever need help, there will always be someone to help you. Every one is welcome to join. Together we can grow powerful.

tuesday 09/08/2011

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